Bulla introduces ice cream bars and donut ice cream sticks

Bulla Family Dairy has unveiled a taste of nostalgia, in celebration of vintage ice cream parlours and corner shop emporiums, with the launch of its mixed bag of treats for families.

Taking Aussies back to childhood milk bar memories Bulla’s new range includes Milkshake Crunch, Cinnamon Donut ice cream sticks and Creamy Classics Ice Cream Bars.

Andrew Noisette, head of marketing implementation at Bulla, said the company takes great pride in inventing brand-new flavour, texture and taste combinations to excite Aussies, young and old.

“This summer, we’re thrilled to reinvent more classic family favourites, bringing them to life in a range of fun frozen formats. We can’t wait for families to try our new creations,” he said.

  • The latest limited-edition Bulla Crunch variety feature two classic milkshake flavours, with creamy Blue Heaven recently debuting, followed by tangy Pineapple set to launch later this summer. These new flavours will be sure to excite taste buds with a frozen take on an old school favourite. (8pk, $6.80)
  • Reimagining a classic Aussie treat, Cinnamon Donut ice cream sticks feature creamy donut flavoured ice cream, coated in sweet cinnamon flavoured crunchy biscuit pieces. These may not be suitable for the hills hoist donut game, but they will be a winner on taste buds! (6pk, $6.80)
  • Combining real ice cream with a layer of gooey sauce, crunchy peanut or cookie pieces, and finished off with a choc coating, Creamy Classics Ice Cream Bars are available in three delicious flavours, Caramel & Peanut, Cookies & Cream and Vanilla Boysenberry. This ultimate indulgence is the perfect go-to treat. (4pk, $7.99)

    Building on the signature smooth textures and quality ingredients of the Creamy Classics range, Bulla adds further enjoyment to tastebuds with the extension of its Creamy Classics Ice Cream Sandwich range and Frozen Custard with two new flavours.

  • Creamy Classics Ice Cream Sandwich Strawberry Swirl feature real dairy ice cream with a fruity strawberry swirl between two rich choc chip cookies. (4pk, $7.99)
  • Creamy Classics Frozen Custard Hokey Pokey includes a blend of honeycomb pieces swirled through Bulla’s creamy frozen custard, made with free range egg yolks, milk and cream. (1lt, $7.99)


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