Bulmers introduces new flavour with ‘Ginger Pride’ campaign

Bulmers has launched a tongue-in-cheek Facebook campaign to promote their new ginger-flavoured cider.

The campaign seeks to promote individuality by turning the tables on all the ‘ranga’ bashing and ginger-hair hate that tends to thrive on social media (the widely publicised and criticised ‘Kick a Ginger Day’ fan page comes to mind).

Launching their first ever Facebook page to kick off the campaign, the “Bulmers – Proud to be Ginger” page is asking fans to tell them what they’re proud of with the winner receiving double passes to the exclusive Bulmers Ginger VIP launch event on Tuesday 18 September, at The Standard in Sydney

The cider is made using real fermented ginger, delivering a refreshing taste with a hefty bite and a hint of lemon and is sure to be a popular addition to the brand’s growing range of flavoured cider, which also includes pear and apple-blackcurrent in addition to traditional apple flavor.

Cider is currently the fastest growing category in Australia, growing by 43% volume in the past 12 months to June 2012 with a number of brands entering the market in recent months.


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