Bunsters Hot Sauces breaks equity crowdfunding records

Renae Bunster, is rewriting the playbook on equity crowdfunding with 46 per cent of investors being returning supporters.

Perth Mum Renae Bunster, is rewriting the playbook on equity crowdfunding with an astounding 46 per cent of investors in her latest campaign being returning supporters.

This remarkable level of loyalty and confidence in Bunsters is a testament to the brand’s meteoric rise and the remarkable 200 per cent increase in share price since its first Birchal raise.

Investors are buoyed by sales data from their recent ranging in Woolworths, where the brand is selling about 30 bottles of sauce per store per week – without any discounting, as well as the launch of an innovative new range of flavoured Agave Spirits.

As the Birchal campaign heads towards its finish on Thursday night at 10 pm, Bunsters has already raised $570,000.

Emily Macfarlane of Birchal Equity Crowdfunding said, “In the dynamic realm of crowd-sourced funding, Birchal typically observes a modest 6 per cent of investors choosing to reinvest. However, Bunsters stands out as a remarkable exception, with a staggering 46 per cent of funds for their latest raise coming from existing investors.”

“This extraordinary level of investor confidence not only underscores the compelling appeal of Bunsters but also cements their status as one of only seven companies in Australia to successfully complete three CSF offers so far raising $3.8million. Bunsters’ ability to consistently captivate and retain investor interest is a testament to their innovative approach and the strong, trust-based relationship they have cultivated with their investors.”

Renae Bunster said, “The funds we’ve raised in this campaign will fuel Bunsters’ rapid expansion in Woolies and open doors to new export markets, particularly in the USA and worldwide. We’ve wasted no time in appointing a new US distributor and sales force, setting the stage for a big period of growth next year.”

“The standout triumph in this supermarket odyssey is the partnership with Fortinos, a retail giant owned by Loblaws, often referred to as the “Woolworths of Canada,” but 2.5 times larger. This development marks a significant stride towards Bunsters’ vision of conquering the North American market.”

Reflecting on the success of previous equity crowdfunding campaigns, Renae Bunster notes the significant appreciation in share value for original investors.

“When people invested in 2020, shares were priced at $2. In 2022, shares were valued at $5, marking a 150 per cent increase. Now, in 2023, we’re raising funds at a share price of $6, a remarkable 200 per cent increase from the first raise and a 20 per cent increase from the second. I’ve been speaking to investors the last few days who are angry they didn’t buy more shares at the 2020 price, I’m telling them they’ll be angry in a few years that they didn’t buy more at today’s price,” she said.

Renae Bunster attributes this performance to the demand for something unique in the hot sauce section.

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