Bushels goes for bloke

Bushells is gearing up for a $3 million investment into the Australian tea category, spearheaded by the launch of new Bushells Australian Breakfast tea — a premium blend specifically designed for Australian tastes and culture.

The campaign will proudly depict the unique, no-fuss, Aussie way of drinking tea and connecting with friends.

The integrated marketing campaign centres on the premise that Australian tea drinkers are no longer like their British counterparts — so it is about time Australians had a premium tea to match their local culture and tastes.

Unilever Australasia Corporate Relations and Communications Director Nick Goddard said that “the Bushells brand has been part of Australian life for over 125 years. We’re proud to use our heritage and expertise to launch our best ever premium tea — a deliciously rich and smooth blend of the finest from around the world. It’s only fitting there be a true Aussie tea blend to match the values and tastes of today’s Australians — it really is our cup of tea.”

Bushells Australian Breakfast tea was produced on the back of recent a poll of over 1,200 Australians, aged 18 to 64, exploring attitudes towards etiquette and cultural values.

The survey revealed a remarkable shift in Australian etiquette away from traditional British social niceties. According to The Bushells Barometer, Aussies now drink tea from a mug without a saucer and enjoy ‘dunking’ a biscuit in their brew in front of guests. This suggests that tea drinking, one of the last bastions of British imperialism, has officially been ‘Australianised’ — just as the Bushells team suspected.

Bushells Australian Breakfast tea is due to hit shelves in all leading supermarkets this month, with a RRP of $4.99 for 100 bags.

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