Cadbury officially Australia’s favourite chocolate

The results are in, the favourites have been identified, and it’s really no surprise that Cadbury is the most popular chocolate in Australia.

Roy Morgan Research conducted a study to find the leading chocolate brands in the Australian market, and in 2011, Cadbury came out on top in both the chocolate box and chocolate bar category.

It surveyed 18 641 Australians aged 14 and over between January and December last year, then projected the number to represent the national population.

It found that in 2011, more than 2 million Australians over 14 would have purchased a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar “in the last four weeks,” and almost 900 000 would have bought the Fruit & Nut variety.

Behind both the Dairy Milk and Fruit & Nut manufactured by Cadbury as third most popular was the Lindt Dark bar, which was bought by approximately 648 000 “in the past four weeks.”

But fourth and fifth place were both achieved by Cadbury, with the Caramello purchased by about 614 000 people and Cadbury Hazelnut bar by 588 000.

And if there was any proof needed that Australians have a sweet tooth, the research found that over 6.7 million Australians purchased a chocolate bar “in the last four weeks.”

In the lead-up to chocoholics’ favourite time of year, Easter, Cadbury is looking forward to capitalising on its popularity.

“Cadbury looks set to enjoy a big Easter break as the data shows many of their products are the most popular among Australians,” Cadbury’s Norman Morris said.

“In 2010 Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate became Fairtrade Certified, and in 2011 they released the first Fairtrade Easter egg.

“This has given consumers a Fairtrade choice among mainstream chocolate brands, and possibly led to increased market share because of it.”

Do you think the study’s finding’s represent the favourite Aussie chocolates? Does the fair-trade certification impact your choices?

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