Cadbury’s Freddo disappearing to save endangered frogs

Cadbury has announced a temporary rebranding of the iconic Freddo frog found on its packaging. This change is aimed to raise awareness for endangered frogs with Cadbury stating that there are at least 30 species of endangered frogs in Australia and New Zealand alone.

It comes as part of Freddo’s three-year partnership with Taronga Zoo Sydney, Zoos Victoria and Conservation Volunteers Australia and New Zealand that aim to save endangered frog species.

2021 marks the second year in the partnership with Cadbury committing to donate $600, 000 across the three-year span to support those zoos and conversation experts. This money will be invested in research and breeding programs such as a new breeding bunker at the Healesville Sanctuary.

The new packaging will feature endangered frogs such as the northern and southern corroboree frogs, the baw baw frog and Tasmanian tree frog. There are eight different frog designs in total across Cadburys 15g, 35g and 200g packs.

The packaging will also include an AR symbol which customers can access informational videos and fact sheets related to particular frog species.

Katrina Watson, Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo marketing manager said in a statement, “We’re so proud to be able to work with these frog experts to deliver programs that will give these endangered species a chance to repopulate and flourish.”


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