Call for papers on sustainable packaging

Members of the food, beverage, packaging and manufacturing industries are invited to submit abstracts under the theme Climate of Change: Towards a Sustainable Packaging Industry, for the 2008 Australian Institute of Packaging National Conference that will be held from June 12th to 13th, 2008, at Luna Park, Sydney.

The deadline for submissions is Monday September 24th, 2007.

The conference will advance discussions on sustainable packaging and look at continuous improvement in the environmental performance of products through the entire lifecycle from raw materials to landfill.

Areas of specific interest include:

• Defining sustainable packaging.

• Lifecycle analysis.

• The application of sustainability principles.

• Barriers for sustainable packaging development.

• Development of recovery systems for packaging.

• Economic, social and environmental impacts of packaging: the triple bottom line.

• Case studies of packaging that embody sustainability principles.

• Practical strategies for implementation.

• Carbon trading in 2011.

Case studies and real application examples are strongly encouraged within presentations.

Topic suggestions:

• Defining sustainable packaging.

• Packaging and greenhouse gases: the facts.

• Lifecycle analysis for sustainability.

• A sustainable packaging scorecard: the WalMart experience.

• Balancing sustainability and cost.

• Barriers to sustainable packaging development.

• Development of sustainable recovery systems for packaging.

• Economic, social and environmental aspects of packaging: the triple bottom line.

• Case studies in sustainable packaging.

• Bio-based packaging and sustainability.

• Sustainable paper-based packaging.

• Sustainable glass and metal packaging.

• Synthetic polymers: how can they be more sustainable?

• Returnables in their many forms, ie RPC’S, dollies, crates.

• Roll cages as a responsible response to climate change.

Case studies might include:

• Reduce, Reuse, Redesign, Recycle principles.

• Design and marketing versus environmental impacts.

• Flexible packaging and laminates.

• The changing technologies behind non-toxic products.

• Sustainability and the National Packaging Covenant.

• Microenvironments of sustainable packaging: design, marketing, distribution and legislation.

• Innovations in design to reduce materials.

• Examples of significant improve ments in eco-efficiency: doing more with less.

Deadline for abstracts: Monday September 24th, 2007.

For further information or a copy of the ‘call for papers’ contact Nerida Kelton, or visit

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