Calling all specialty beverages and industrial gases providers

Feature in the July Specialty Beverages and Industrial Gases edition of Food & Beverage Industry News.

As we prepare for our July edition, we are excited to offer your brand an exclusive opportunity to be prominently featured in our upcoming Specialty Beverages and Industrial Gases segment within Food & Beverage Industry News.

Our segment is meticulously designed to shine a spotlight on the nuances of production within the food and beverage manufacturing sector. This isn’t just about advertising; it’s an opportunity to highlight your advancements in food and beverage manufacturing through a personalised editorial piece crafted by our seasoned team of experts.

Example of editorial topics we can write for you.

  1. Innovative Production Techniques
  2. Specialty Beverage Trends
  3. Exploring the Role of Industrial Gases in Beverage


The offer includes:
– 1 x Full-page advertisement for July 2024 edition – Food & Beverage Industry News (ad to be supplied).
– 1 x Editorial piece – Food & Beverage Industry News.
– Editorial to be written for you by a Food & Beverage Industry News journalist.
– Editorial to appear on Food & Beverage Industry News website, e-newsletter and to be distributed through Food & Beverage Industry News social media channels.

Given the limited availability, if you feel your insights and solutions align with this opportunity, we’re eager to help facilitate that connection. Don’t hesitate to contact Franck Casili for further details.

0434 785 611

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