Campaign calls for clearer seafood labelling

Chef Matthew Evans has partnered with Greenpeace and the Australian Marine Conservation Society, to develop a campaign to reform Australia’s seafood labelling laws.

The campaign is designed to push for new Australian laws requiring complete and accurate information on seafood labels, in particular: what fish it is, where it’s from and how it was caught.

A significant launch pad for the campaign is an SBS TV series called ‘What’s the Catch?’ which is fronted by Evans and will screen for three weeks from 30 October 2014.

In the show Evans examines the problem of poor seafood labelling and campaigns for reform.

Other key components of the campaign include:

  • A PR, advertising, digital and media strategy, with on and offline actions.
  • A campaign launch, including release of a dossier of labelling ‘scandals’ flowing from current labelling practices.
  • A campaign website, to which SBS will also direct its viewers, highlighting the problem and the solution, and a petition to key government MPs.
  • Promotion of public support for reform from significant sustainable operators in the Australian fishing industry, top chefs, influential MPs and celebrities.
  • Drafting instructions for new federal laws, prepared by the NSW Environmental Defenders Office.

A Senate inquiry into seafood labelling laws, due to report on 27 October, may recommend reforms. Submissions currently indicate support for better labelling, including from influential sectors of the Australian seafood industry and large retailers.



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