CanadaGAP, BAP given full recognition from GFSI

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), managed by The Consumer Goods Forum, has announced that both the On-Farm Food Safety Programme (OFFS) known as the CanadaGAP scheme and the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification scheme has been given full recognition by the Global Food Safety Initiative Board of Directors.

The CanadaGAP scheme, managed by The Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC), based in Ottawa, Canada, consists of national food safety standards and a certification system for the safe production, storage and packing of fresh fruits and vegetables. It has been recognised by GFSI for certification options B & C and the recognition covers the common food safety requirements.

“The current widespread use of this scheme in Canada will facilitate the acceptance and integration of the GFSI principle ‘Certified Once, Accepted Everywhere’ and contribute significantly to driving the enhancement of food safety in the supply chain,” said Jürgen Matern, chairman of the Global Food Safety Initiative Board of Directors and Vice President, Strategic Quality Management, Metro AG.

The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification scheme has been developed by the Global Aquaculture Alliance, an international, non-profit trade association dedicated to advancing

environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture. The GFSI recognition covers the generic food safety requirements running through the scheme.

The benchmarking process for both programs has been completed using an internationally accepted set of food safety requirements, based on industry best practice and sound science, which are developed through a consensus-building process by key stakeholders in the food supply chain.




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