Cancer Council names and shames TV programs advertising junk to kids

The Cancer Council of New South Wales is again calling for a ban on junk food advertising, as it publishes a list of the worst offenders.

The Cancer Council, Parents Jury, Australian Medical Association and the Australian Greens have been calling for a ban on advertising to children for over a year.

The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) suggested to junk food advertisers in 2010 that advertising to children should be avoided, but children’s exposure did not decrease, leading health experts to call on the government to step in.

Still, the AFGC says a ban on cartoons in advertising junk food was "unnecessary.”

In November last year cereal giant Kellogg’s was given the ‘hat trick of shame’ for the worst marketing campaign by health advocate group the Parents Jury.

Now the Cancer Council has created a website entirely devoted to listing the best and worst shows for junk food advertising, to enable parents to make better choices.

The Fat Free TV Guide classifies more than 100 children’s television programs in the hope of reducing childhood obesity rates, with one in four Australian children classed as obese.

Among the worst offenders are the Saturday AFL, Two and A Half Men, The Saturday Night Movie, Dancing With The Stars and Sunrise.

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