Capilano Low GI Honey

New Capilano Low GI Honey is for those who are looking at ways to reduce their sugar intake.

“We are delighted to make honey more accessible to people on low GI diets by releasing this specially selected blend of 100% Australian premium eucalypt honey. Because this honey provides a slower and more sustained energy release, it is also an ideal alternative to sugar for consumers looking to lower their sugar intake,” said Ryan d’Almeida, CEO of Hive + Wellness, the company behind the Capilano brand.

Capilano Low GI honey has been tested low GI (42) by an independent laboratory, using approved methodology based on the international standards for testing.

“The naturally occurring sugar profile of this specially selected 100 per cent Australian honey influences the way it is digested in the body, and its GI rating,” d’Almeida said. “We are very pleased to have endorsement from the Glycemic Index Foundation, who we have worked closely with during the development phase, so consumers can buy this product with absolute confidence.”

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