CAPS Australia specialty beverage wine solutions

CAPS Australia provides the complete solution, offering a wide variety of products and services that can be utilised in each step of the wine making process.


Air compressors perform a range of wine production functions, including grape processing (crushing, pressing, cooling, heating, filtering, drying), as well as receiving and bottling the end product.

In the crushing and pressing phase of production, accurate control of the presses is crucial to the quality of the finished product. A reliable compressed air system provides a means of accurately controlling the pressure of the press.

Whether it is a first-time purchase or an upgrade of your existing system, CAPS is guaranteed to have a compressed air solution that will suit your winery’s requirements.

Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressor to significantly reduce energy consumption or look at food-grade oil-free air, both of which can be supplied new or retro-fitted to an existing plant.

CAPS’ experienced team will customise an efficient, energy-managed system that reduces energy use, cost, and runs in line with your seasonal production surges.


Required for nearly every stage of the bottling process, compressed nitrogen is a vital component of a winery’s operations. If your winery is using bottled nitrogen, you are potentially missing out on the proven savings and increased productivity that on-site nitrogen generation offers.

CAPS has successfully supplied and installed nitrogen generation systems across a number of Australian wineries. CAPS’ systems typically pay for themselves in less than two years and in many instances cut the price per cubic metre of nitrogen per day by between 40-80 percent depending on current nitrogen prices.

That’s thousands more in your pocket with the added benefit of having a constant supply of nitrogen at your fingertips.


Australian wineries need to consider the risks associated with a potentially unreliable power supply. What would be the cost of having your fridges, computers, machinery, lights, and climate/humidity control not working for one hour, two hours or more?

With extreme weather events becoming more common and unscheduled grid failures a costly threat to business, many are looking to protect their critical processes by investing in a backup power generator.

In anticipation of the upcoming summer heat, Australian wineries need to consider the risks associated with a potentially unreliable power supply.

Your business can continue to operate with little interruption during a blackout by using an auto-start equipped generator and an automatic transfer switch (ATS) connected into mains power.

The CAPS range of power generators are manufactured to the highest standards and have built a solid reputation as a dependable backup generator. CAPS generators start 11kVA and are available in sizes up to 4,200kVA.


Established in 1980, CAPS boasts more than 43 years of experience in compressed air, gas, and power generation.

Australian owned and operated, CAPS with its customers through the entire process. From site analysis, sizing, and installation to service and maintenance, CAPS takes its customers from A to Z. As an independent company with the flexibility to search globally for the best products that are price competitive, technologically advanced, and best serve the Australian market’s needs, CAPS works alongside world-renowned partner brands such as Ingersoll Rand, Kohler, AIRMAN, and many more.

With ten branches nationwide and 24/7 service for maintenance and emergency breakdowns, CAPS endeavours to lead the industry in service and solutions.

For further information, call your local CAPS Australia office on 1800 800 878 or visit the CAPS website

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