CarboNZero to hero

Pitango, the world’s first fresh meal manufacturer to become carbon neutral, was named Winner of the Health & Wellness Category at the 2008 Awards.

Using the finest ingredients grown in New Zealand’s south island, and importing premium organic ingredients from hand-picked sites around the world, Pitango’s gourmet meals are presented in stylish packages with artwork to emphasise the their unique benefits.

The decision for the Pitango brand to become carboNZero certified came from the company’s owners, Ofer and Yasmin Shenhav, wanting to give back to the world from their own success, in terms of reducing emissions and ensuring a healthier, safer and cleaner planet, today and for the future.

The Pitango range comprises of fresh organic curries — including Thai Chicken Curry, Free Range Butter Chicken Curry, Organic Vegetable Korma Curry, Organic Moroccan Chickpea Tagine, and Organic Lamb and Pumpkin Curry; risottos — Organic Pumpkin, Leek and Spinach Risotto, Organic Feta, Basil and Tomato Risotto, and Organic Chicken and Garlic Risotto; and porridge — Organic Blueberry, Cream and Vanilla Porridge, and Organic Honey, Apricot and Sultana Porridge.

Launched in February 2008, Pitango’s handpicked ingredients achieve the characteristic flavours for their various products. The equipment used was developed from a simple home cooking environment to a commercial high tech one, while maintaining the homemade freshness and quality, with innovative recipes and premium ingredients.

Pitango’s range of products are packaged in stand-up design pouches, with a different style and feel to each line, which demonstrates the uniqueness of each dish. The pouches also work to maintain a high quality fresh product for a relatively long shelf life of 60 to 80 days and can be used in the microwave to increase the convenience for consumers.

Pitango is supporting environmental issues and allowing consumers the ability to do the same. By buying Pitango’s meals they contribute to the off-setting of emissions associated with processing and production and, as such, invest in the renewal of energy in their market.

So far Pitango’s success has certainly exceeded expectation. Filling a significant gap in the market for quality, healthy, ready to eat food, consumers have enthusiastically embraced the range of meals. Pitango’s new fare is certainly a breath of fresh air.

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