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Carman’s new Goodness & Grains

Goodness & Grains, which is Carman’s first foray into the ready-to-eat cereal category, was developed in response to consumers demanding more nutritious and delicious choices in aisle. The range consists of three delectable flavours: Sultana & Cinnamon, Almond & Coconut and Cranberry & Vanilla.

“Mornings are already stressful enough, which is was why it was important for us to develop a cereal that ensured every bowl was packed with nourishing ingredients” says Carolyn Creswell, Founder of Carman’s Kitchen, with the team conducting many iterations to get the flavours, and nutritional benefits just right, all whilst ensuring the range launched as a lower in sugar alternative to the market.

With cereals notoriously having a reputation for being a higher in sugar breakfast option, Carman’s developed the three recipes to contain no more than 2g of sugar or half a teaspoon of sugar, with its Almond & Coconut blend containing only 1.4g per serve. Making it a welcomed lower in sugar addition to the cereal aisle.

To add to its list of benefits, the range features a five-star health rating and are an excellent source of fibre, with over 8g fibre in every serve, whilst also providing anywhere from 4.3 – 5.6g of protein per serve, even before adding milk or yoghurt.

The whole grain flakes are also fortified with iron and vitamins B2 and B3. “B vitamins are important for a variety of functions, from improving the health of our skin, assisting with nerve function and the development of red blood cells,” said Maddi Borg, an accredited practising dietitian, and Nutrition Specialist at Carman’s. “Not only do whole grains provide you with a great source of energy, but they also help fuel your gut microbiota and promote good digestive wellbeing.”

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