Caspak commits to renewables with new solar panel system


Caspak, a sustainable food packaging manufacturer, has installed a 134kw solar system made up of 335 solar panels as part of its commitment to reducing fossil fuel reliance. 

The rooftop solar system powers the entire Caspak operation including the warehouse, office, electric forklifts and staff vehicles, and even includes a charging station for neighbour’s vehicles. Enough surplus energy is produced through the solar panels to power 21 homes each year. 

In 2012, Caspak was one of the first in the industry to become self-sufficient by installing a 22kw solar power system in the previous premises, together with a 28,000 litre rainwater tank. 

As part of the new warehouse and office build, Caspak sourced recycled materials wherever possible and included power and water saving initiatives such as automatic lighting, sensor taps and hand dryers. 

For more than 30 years, Caspak has been innovating to increase shelf-life and reduce food waste. Most recently, Caspak has developed a string of eco-friendly packaging solutions for key partners across meat, smallgoods and ready meals based on sustainable fibres such as bamboo and cardboard. 

“After running the business for 30 years I’m witnessing a really exciting time for the packaging industry, one where we have the opportunity to have great impact through innovation,” Caspak founder Bryce Hickmott said. 

Caspak is part of the APCO working group, a member of the Clean Energy Council, a signatory of the RedCycle initiative and a proud supporter of the Father Bob Maguire Foundation. 

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