Hygienic drainage solutions in food manufacturing facilities

Drainage systems in food production facilities are under a lot of pressure due to high traffic, grease, fat, food waste and various chemicals from cleaning procedures. Without an appropriate drainage system, wastewater can cause pipe blockages and major disruptions to services. In addition, cleaning can be difficult, flow inefficient, and bacteria growth a looming threat.  Read more


Preserving Biodiversity with Advancements in Animal Reproductive Technology

Life is the precursor to science; therefore, it would be fair to say that it is in the interest of science to preserve life. In this article, Thermo Fisher Scientific takes a closer look at the evolution of artificial insemination for breeding animals; how it is being used to protect and preserve life through biodiversity; and the right tools and certifications for these processes.

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Harvesting the macadamia boom in Bundaberg

The macadamia is finally getting its moment in the sun. Australian macadamia growers have been experiencing bumper crops in recent years, with annual production quantities reaching more than 50,000 tonnes in 2021, according to the Australian Macadamia Society.1  Read more

Post Consumer Recyclate

ANZ packaging with Post Consumer Recyclate stands out globally

One of the 2025 National Packaging Targets is that all packaging that is made, used and sold in Australia needs to incorporate 50 per cent recycled content. In the latest data report entitled Australian Packaging Consumption and Recycling Data 2019–20, it indicates that 39 per cent of the packaging on the market in our region now incorporates recycled content.   Read more


Fine filtration, from grape to glass

Whether it’s an acclaimed Shiraz from the lush coastal climates of McClaren Vale; a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from the rolling hills of the Riverina Region; or a cool Sparkling Wine from Tamar Valley—3M Purification understands the importance of the purification process for creating award-winning Australian wines. Read more


CBC engineers save the day for a local school fundraiser

For CBC’s Tony Voiklis, engineering opportunities are part of day-to-day business. But every so often a unique solution opportunity comes along that allows him to truly make a difference in the community. When an Adelaide local school was unable to host their annual fundraiser due to an engineering roadblock, Tony stepped up to keep things rolling.  Read more