• HomeBrand oyster sauce recall

    August 4, 2007 0 comment

    Woolworths and Global Resourcing are conducting a voluntary recall of HomeBrand oyster sauce due to an important product safety issue.

  • Wine odour detection research

    August 3, 2007 0 comment

    Australian scientists are currently involved in worldwide research to discover an objective way of quantifying odours, focusing primarily on the wine industry and the development of a Cybernose.

  • Success at home and overseas

    August 3, 2007 0 comment

    Four years ago, JMP recognised that if it was to continue its growth in the palletising and packaging market it would have to change its business model and way of manufacturing.

  • Native fruits rich in antioxidants

    August 2, 2007 0 comment

    A recent study by Food Science Australia (FSA) has revealed the high antioxidant levels in twelve native Australian fruits, which could benefit the food and functional food industries.

  • AWASH supports AMA salt report

    August 2, 2007 0 comment

    The Australian Division of World Action on Salt and Health (AWASH) supports a new report from the American Medical Association (AMA) that calls for a major reduction in the salt content of processed and restaurant foods, the source of 80% of consumers’ salt intake.

  • Palatinose approved in Australia and NZ

    August 2, 2007 0 comment

    Palatinose (Isomaltulose), a functional carbohydrate produced by Palatinit, can now be marketed in both Australia and New Zealand for general use in foods and beverages.

  • Simple wine odour detection

    August 2, 2007 0 comment

    Australian scientists are currently involved in worldwide research to discover an objective way of quantifying odours, focussing primarily on the wine industry.

  • Pre-register for IBIE and save

    August 1, 2007 0 comment

    Members of the food industry that pre-register for the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) from August 1 to October 6 will receive a US$10 discount and pay US$75 (AU$81).

  • Maggi moves from tin to plastic

    August 1, 2007 0 comment

    Nestle New Zealand (NZ) and Australia partnered with Viscount Plastics NZ to design and produce a plastic container to replace the metal cans previously used for packaging and distributing Maggi stocks and desserts to the institutional catering trade in both countries.

  • Melbourne hosts Specialist Cheese Show

    July 31, 2007 0 comment

    The eleventh annual Melbourne Specialist Cheese Show will be held on Sunday August 12 at Crown Towers Hotel.

  • Green measures today ensure business success tomorrow

    July 31, 2007 0 comment

    Investing in sustainable manufacturing now means being prepared for the challenges that will inevitably come in the future.

  • High-quality grains research supports food industry

    July 31, 2007 0 comment

    Australian agrifood industries could soon benefit from the development of genomics technologies used in selection and development of high quality grains, after grains expert and molecular biologist, Professor Rudi Appels, was awarded a Visiting Fellowship with the Food Futures Flagship.

  • Packing and palletising system installed

    July 31, 2007 0 comment

    JMP has successfully installed its new generation Robotic Case Packing and Palletising system into Fonterra Australia’s manufacturing site.

  • Tuna Spam?

    July 31, 2007 1 comment

    Tripacific Marine, based in Fiji, are patenting a smooth flakeless pressed tuna product, which will provide an alternative to flaky canned tuna.

  • Robotic palletising system wins APMA award

    July 31, 2007 0 comment

    FOODMACH, a provider of material movement solutions, won an Australian Packaging Machinery Association (APMA) design award for the Robomatrix, a high-speed palletising system.

  • First organic Standard developed in Australia

    July 31, 2007 0 comment

    A new Australian Standard is currently being developed for organic products, including processed foods, to govern the production, processing, marketing and transportation within the industry.

  • AFGC’s new deputy chief executive

    July 30, 2007 0 comment

    The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) has announced the appointment of Dr Geoffrey Annison to the position of deputy chief executive.

  • Ibex nominated for business awards

    July 27, 2007 0 comment

    Ibex has received two nominations in the Westpac Manukau Business Awards, in New Zealand, for Excellence in Exporting and Excellence in Manufacturing and Services.

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Conference

    July 27, 2007 0 comment

    The 2007 Queensland Supply Chain & Logistics Conference will be held on August 2nd and 3rd at the Sofitel Hotel, Brisbane.

  • Meat processing Award up for grabs

    July 26, 2007 0 comment

    Australian meat processors should encourage their staff to enter the Barry Johnson – Cryovac Young Achievers Award 2007, a $12,500 study and travel grant enabling people working in the red-meat processing industry aged 18 to 39 to advance their technical knowledge and learn at first hand global developments in the packaging arena.