Charlie’s Mini Melting Moments

Product name: Charlie's Mini Melting Moments

Product manufacturer: Charlie's Cookies

Ingredients: (example of Lemon flavour) Unsalted Butter, Wheat Flour, Icing Sugar, Custard Powder [Corn Flour (Wheat), Salt, Flavours, Colours (102, 122)] and Natural Lemon Flavour (1%)

Shelf life: Nine months from date of manufacturing

Packaging: Gift boxes

Product manager: Jacky Magid

Brand website:

What the company says
Charlie’s Cookies is helping Australians embrace their quintessential past. No longer does a French biscuit define gourmet in our minds. Thanks to Masterchef and many other gourmet influencers, the recent renaissance of the Sponge Cake, Lamington and Yo-Yo have paved the way for a Macaron challenger – The Charlie’s Mini Melting Moment!

These melt in your mouth morsels, come in seven retro and contemporary flavours: Traditional Lemon, Raspberry White Choc, Passionfruit Raspberry, Choc Salted Caramel, Orange Espresso, Choc ‘Noir’ Mint, and Blackcurrant ‘Cassis’.

• The range includes fun colours and delightful flavours
• They have a much longer shelf life than French Macarons
• They come in beautifully designed packs of 4 or 12


Sweet & Creamy Greek Yoghourt

Product name: Sweet & Creamy Greek Yoghourt

Product manufacturer: Jalna

Ingredients: Pasteurised whole milk, cream, fruit juice concentrate, live cultures.

Shelf life: As per best before date indicated on packaging 

Packaging: 1kg tubs

Brand website:

What the company says
Jalna's Sweet & Creamy Greek Yoghourt offers a velvety smooth, heavenly flavour that is less acidic than traditional Greek yoghourts, while still delivering the well-known health benefits of Greek yoghourt.

Jalna's Sweet & Creamy Greek Yoghourt is made with Jalna's award winning Greek Yoghourt and the perfect balance of natural sweetness. Being less acidic than traditional Greek yoghourts, and offering all the benefits of pot-set purity aBc probiotics and calcium this product is ideal for the whole family. Enjoy it straight off the spoon, or as a compliment to your cooking.

Jalna Sweet and Creamy (RRP $6.00 for 1kg) is available at Independent retailers, Coles and Woolworth’s nationally


Super Sausage

Product name: Super Sausage

Product manufacturer:

Ingredients: 65% Meat mix, 15% Vegetables mix, 12.5% Chilled water, 7% BBQ Premix,0.5% Salt

Shelf life: 10 days

Packaging: The product is packed in a modified atmosphere pack, using a CO2/nitrogen mix

Product manager: Darren Walsh

Brand website:

What the company says 
The super sausage was created by Food Technologist Darren Walsh as an easy way to get kids to eat their veggies. One serving of the super sausage contains half a cup or veggies, 12 essential vitamins and minerals, half the fat of regular sausages, and the best part is kids can’t taste the difference!

Water Buddies

Product name: Water Buddies Just Like Lemonade Glow in the Dark

Product manufacturer: MMC Tradelink Ltd

Ingredients: Pure NZ Spring water, no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and containing just 1.8% sugar

Shelf life: Six months

Packaging: Plastic bottle with unique glow in the dark ink printing

Product manager: Sian Leonard

Brand Website:

What the company says
Water Buddies contains 80 percent less sugar than some fruit juices and, unlike other popular children’s beverages that are laden with sugar, they have nothing to hide, so Aussie kids can hydrate with Water Buddies at any time of the day.

Already a huge success with the original four flavours distributed nationally through Woolworths, independent supermarkets as well as BP service stations nationally, the new Water Buddies flavour and bottle feature a unique glow in the dark bottle!

Featuring a new character – Ollie Orbit – and a splash of lemonade flavour, the new Just Like Lemonade variant will retail for $1.99 RRP (300ml).

The bottle also features a clear porthole window showing the water inside, a feature to now be incorporated on all Water Buddies bottles.


Lyndon Grove Juice Concentrate

Product name: Lyndon Grove Juice Concentrate

Product manufacturer: Edlyn Foods

Ingredients: Orange Juice Concentrate & Reconstituted Orange Juice (99.8%), Flavour, Acidity Regulator (300)

Shelf life: 12 months

Packaging: Aseptic Pouch

Product manager: Andrew Williams

Brand website:

What the company says
A flavoursome range of orange, apple and pineapple juice concentrates all with with no added sugar and free from pulp. All flavours are aseptically packed providing a sustained 12 month shelf life free from preservatives.

Two litres of concentrate juice will make 12 litres of finished 100 percent fruit juice. 


Kez’s Free Gluten Free Cereal Snacks

Product name: Kez’s Free Gluten Free Cereal Snacks Original

Product manufacturer: Kez's Kitchen

Ingredients: Brown Rice Syrup, Cornflakes (Corn, Sugar, Salt), Glucose Syrup (Corn Derived), Sunflower Seed, Pepitas, Puffed Rice, Chia, Organic Agave Inulin, Buckwheat, Flaxseed, Honey, Sunflower Oil.

Shelf life: 12 months

Packaging: 6x30g foil fresh individually wrapped

Product manager: Michael Carp

Brand website:

What the company says
Eating on the run is never easy – especially when your diet excludes gluten.

Australia’s leading, premium biscuit, cereal and snack brand, Kez’s Kitchen, has grown its popular Kez’s Free range with six new gluten-free cereal snacks, bites and bars.

From convenient original and low-fructose gluten-free cereal snacks (6 x 30g) and tasty cereal bites (8 x 15g) to delicious Florentine bars set to have mouths watering (5 x 30g), the expanded Kez’s Free range will ensure those who suffer from gluten intolerance will never again compromise their diets on a busy day.

Among the newly launched cereal snacks, two are Low in Fructose and certified FODMAP-friendly – ideal for those suffering from symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) – and the first FODMAP-certified products of their kind available in major supermarkets.

To create the FODMAP-friendly cereals and snacks, Kez’s Kitchen worked directly with leading dietician and nutritionist Dr Sue Shepherd, founder of the FODMAP diet. Through her pioneering PhD research , Sue proved that limiting dietary FODMAPs (food molecules that can be poorly absorbed) is an effective treatment for people with IBS symptoms.

Mayver’s Pure-State Hazelnut and Cacao Spread

Product name: Mayver's Pure-State Hazelnut and Cacao Spread

Product manufacturer: Mayver's Health Foods

Ingredients: hazelnut and cacao

Packaging: Recyclable glass with an ezy-peel removeable label and vaccum sealed lid.

Shelf life: 12 months

Brand website:

What the company says
This is a sugar-free nuts and chocolate fix, high in tryptophan and feel-good chemicals and essential minerals manganese, selenium, folate and zinc.

The spread has no added salt, sugar, hardened fats or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Studies show hazelnuts are good for your heart and like all nuts can actually help you to control your weight. They are rich in monounsaturated fats that promote healthy cholesterol levels and reduced belly fat. Hazelnuts are also rich in powerful antioxidants, protein, fibre and several vitamins and minerals including manganese, vitamin E, folate, iron and zinc.

Pitango free range chicken and mushroom risotto

Product name: Pitango Free Range Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

Product manufacturer: Pitango

Ingredients: Free range chicken, portobello muschroom, onion, carrot, herbs, spices, risotto rice, white wine

Packaging: 1kg Pouch

Product manager: Sharon Addington

Brand website:

What the company says
Pitango, famous for creating new, exciting, organic and free range meals, will this month launch a new family sized 1kg heat and eat meal to their popular risotto range.

Introducing Pitango Free Range Chicken and Mushroom Risotto.

Made with 20 percent free range chicken pieces and fresh Portobello mushrooms, this risotto is a high quality, convenient and easy meal option.

‘We are thrilled to be releasing this 1KG Pitango pack into our stores across Australia’ comments Patrick Noone, Costco Country Manager ‘we are sure our members will love the Pitango taste and quality, particularly the brand’s ethos of sourcing high quality organic and free range ingredients’.

Wade Gillooly from Pitango adds ‘this new family 1KG size addition to our range should delight fans of Pitango as it combines all the taste and quality of our regular range with a brand new recipe and at a great value price!’

Pitango Free Range Chicken and Mushroom Risotto will be available in Costco’s throughout Australia from the 24th October, 2013.


Bovalina Salad Dressing Range

Product name: Bovalina Salad Dressing Range

Product manufacturer: Bovalina Olive Oil Group

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Merlot red wine, white wine, grape juice, sugar, caramel (150a), preservative (e220) 100ppm, oregano flakes.

Shelf life: Two years

Packaging: White Double Foiled Sachet with screw top lid to lock in freshness.

Product manager: Angelo Bovalina

Brand website: https://www.bovalinagroup

What the company says 
We have created a salad dressing in a ready-to-use pouch for those who are looking for a instant dressing for their lunch, family pinic or those great Aussie BBQs, with two delicious flavours to choose from.


Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling

Product name: Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling

Product manufacturer: Unilever

Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, tea extract, lemon juice, food acids (330,331), flavours, antioxidant (300), natural sweetner (960 – stevia leaf extract).

Packaging: Available in 440mL cans (RRP $2.50) and 330mL six packs (RRP $7.50) at local grocery stores, and 440mL cans (RRP $3.20) out and about.

Brand website:

What the company says
Lipton Ice Tea knows how much Australia loves carbonated soft drinks, new things and of course iced tea, so they’ve combined them all together to offer up Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling.

Rowena Ditzell, marketing manager for Lipton Ice Tea, explains, “The Sparkling range was created with consumers in mind who are seeking an alternative soft drink that is really refreshing and without being too heavy on fizz and sweetness. Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling provides the refreshing experience with a great taste. The uplifting qualities found in tea along with a twist of lemon, will quench thirst and deliver the deep and lasting refreshment they are searching for. The range has been a big hit in Europe and we’ve had strong results in local testing so we are confident it will be much loved across Australia.”

Much of the sweet taste in Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling Original comes from a natural sweetener called Stevia, extracted from Stevia leaves, so it contains less sugar than a regular cola. For the same delicious taste of Original Lipton Sparkling with no sugar, Lipton Ice Tea has launched a Zero Sugar flavour with only two calories per 100mL.

Lipton is the world’s best-selling tea brand that has been established for more than 100 years, and is available in more than 100 countries.

Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling is be available in two formats – 440mL cans (RRP $2.50), 330mL 6 packs (RRP $7.50) at local grocery stores, and 440mL cans (RRP $3.20) out and about**. To enquire about stocking Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling, please contact your Unilever sales representative.

* Source: AC Nielsen P&C Ctrack % Share of Total Iced Tea MAT to 01/07/2012 VAL % SHARE.
** Available in 440mL cans and 6 x 330mL multipack cans. All existing Lipton Ice Tea products will still be available. 440mL RRP $3.20 available chilled out and about, or RRP $2.50 on the supermarket shelf. 6 x 330mL multipack cans RRP $7.50, available in supermarkets.



Product name: Yousli

Product manufacturer: Yousli

Ingredients: Choose up to 12 ingredients in your own unique mix

Packaging: Cyclindrical container keeps Yousli fresh and air tight

Brand website:

What the company says
Become a morning person again with Yousli, the new feel-good breakfast brand created just to make your day. Hand-mixed with quality natural whole foods, Yousli makes mornings exciting with delicious, healthy muesli mixes.

As its name suggests, Yousli is all about you. Jump on to create and name your very own custom Yousli blend from a huge range of healthy wholefoods and organic goodies.

Choose from one of four deliciously simple base blends: Classic, High Fibre, Gluten Free or Cinnamon & Whole Grain and then add your favourite Nuts, Seeds, Grains and Fruit, from a huge variety of exciting whole foods including: Activated Almonds and Buckinis, Pomegranate Seeds, Puffed Quinoa and Amaranth, Uncrystallised Ginger, Barberries and Inca Berries.

For those who can’t decide, there are five Pre-made Yousli’s on offer, including Almond & Sour Cherry with activated buckinis and toasted coconut; Gluten Freedom with puffed quinoa, blueberries and pepitas; Sesame Fig & Walnut with decadent pistachios, baked sesame seeds & organic currants; and Ginger, Barberry & Macadamia, which awakens the senses with an uncrystallised ginger spice, with a zesty barberry zing that balances beautifully with the crunch of fresh, creamy macadamias.


Bean Supreme Falafel Koftas

Product name: Bean Supreme Falafel Koftas

Product manufacturer: Bean Supreme

Ingredients: Chickpeas (51%), Broad Beans (13%), Onions, Vegetable Oil, Water, Burghul Wheat, Couscous (Wheat), Wheat Gluten, Rice Starch, Sea Salt, Spice, Garlic, Parsley

Shelf life: 80 days

Packaging: Good quality stand up pouch with a recipe on the back of the packet

Product manager: Dean Epps

Brand website:

What the company says 
Bean Supreme Falafel Koftas are made from carefully selected chickpeas, broad beans and fresh herbs – all blended together to create a convenient and delicious snack or meal.

They are also great threaded onto skewers and lightly barbecued.


Bean Supreme Gourmet Burger

Product name: Bean Supreme Gourmet Burger

Product manufacturer: Bean Supreme

Ingredients: Tofu (36%) [Water, Soy Beans, Firming Agent (Calcium Sulphate)], Onions, Canola Oil, Water, Soy Protein, Gluten (Wheat), Tapioca Starch, Soy Sauce (contains Wheat), Yeast Extract, Gelling Agents (Carrageenan, Methyl Cellulose, Locust Bean Gum), Yeast, Her

Shelf life: 80 days

Packaging: Good quality stand up pouch with a recipe on the back

Product manager: Dean Epps

Brand website:

What the company says
The Bean Supreme Gourmet Tofu Burger is thick and juicy, delicately flavoured with herbs and spices to create a burger that is packed full of flavour.

The tofu is made using whole soy beans that are pressed in a traditional manner before being flavoured with herbs and spices.


Barker’s of Geraldine fruit syrup

Product name: Barker’s of Geraldine fruit syrup

Product manufacturer: Barker’s of Geraldine

Ingredients: Apricot Blush (Before dilution) – fruit 54% (crushed NZ apricots 24%, pineapple juice 24% from concentrate, lime juice 6% from concentrate, squeezed NZ blackcurrant juice), sugar, food acids (citric acid, sodium citrate), natural flavour, vitamin C, natural colour (beta-carotene)

Shelf life: 12 months

Packaging: Glass bottle 710ml

Product manager: Danielle Esplin

Brand website:

What the company says
New Zealand’s number one selling, farm-made, fruit syrups are now available in Australia in four delicious flavours: Squeezed NZ Blackcurrant; Orange & Barley with Passionfruit; Crushed NZ Apricot and Lemon; and Honey and Ginger. All products contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are made from fresh fruit, not concentrate. The fruits are pressed and processed on the family farm in Geraldine, New Zealand.


Chia Pod

Product name: Chia Pod

Product manufacturer: The Chia Co

Ingredients: Australian grown Chia seeds, coconut milk and real fruit.

Shelf life: Three months, keep refrigerated.

Packaging: Lid, cup and spoon are all recyclable and are made from 30% recycled content.

Brand website:

What the company says
Chia Pod contains one full serve of Australian grown, sun ripened Chia seeds, mixed with coconut milk and real fruit – just three ingredients and no added sugar.

Dairy-free and vegan, Chia Pods will be sold in the refrigerated section of Woolworths supermarkets from the third week of September. Each 170g Chia Pod has been cold-processed to retain the raw nutrition, taste and colour of the fruit.

Each Chia Pod contains three grams of Omega three ALA and five grams of dietary fibre as well as essential protein, vitamins and minerals.

Chia Pod provides 100 percent of your recommended daily intake of Omega 3 and 25 percent of your fibre.

Chia Pods are ideal for people looking for a quick, delicious breakfast at work and those who are cutting sugar from their diet. Chia Pods are also perfect for pre or post workout.

Brookvale Union Apple Cider

Product name: Brookvale Union Apple Cider

Product manufacturer: Brookvale Union

Ingredients: Apples, preservatives (202,224

Shelf life: 12 months

Packaging: 500ml bottle

What the company says
Brookvale Union: some say they’re half horse, half human. Others believe they’re a band of pirates who’ve been lost at sea for centuries. What we do know is that they are to apple cider and ginger beer as Willy Wonka is to chocolate. They are simply all about great tasting drinks.

They don’t use pushbikes to ride around fruit orchids and collect apples in baskets. In fact, the nearest apple tree big enough to warrant being on the front of their bottle is about 40kms away.

The last vintage Dodge truck they saw was at a wreckers and it wasn’t piled high with apples or ginger in the back. For them to lay claim to regional source, geography or cider and ginger beer heritage makes no sense. In fact, it’s complete nonsense.

They do happen to know some guys, who know some guys, who are giving them a hand and sharing closely guarded secrets. Things like getting Australian apples from Australian trees (good ones) and Australian ginger from the Australian ground (good ground) to ensure things like real ginger cream and natural base products are used to create great tasting, refreshing drinks.

They’re the kind of drinks that are perfect for when you don’t feel like beer or wine.

What they can lay claim to is their brewing expertise which they’ve applied to creating innovative, fun, great-tasting cider and ginger beer with undisputable quality.

Complex yet simple, safe but dangerous, smooth yet sharp, tight but loose. That’s Brookvale Union.


Brown Brothers Moscato and Sauvignon Blanc

Product name: Brown Brothers Moscato & Sauvignon Blanc

Product manufacturer: Brown Brothers

Ingredients: Muscat from Alexandria and exotic fruits of Sauvignon Blanc

Shelf life: Unlimited

Packaging: Glass bottle

Brand website:

What the company said
This is the first release of the new and exciting Moscato and Sauvignon Blanc.

A new twist for our fruity range of wines, the Moscato & Sauvignon Blanc brings together everything that is great about these two wine styles.

The wine is bright and vibrant in the glass with a lovely green hue. On the nose it shows lifted aromas of fresh grapes and passion fruit. On the palate the wine is fresh and vibrant with tropical notes and balancing acidity. This is a wine that is made for drinking in its youth so enjoy over the next two years.


Rachel’s Yoghurt

Product name: Rachel's Yoghurt

Product manufacturer: Parmalat

Ingredients: Black plum and roasted fig flavour: Milk, sugar, milk solids, plum (6%), water, rehydrated fig (4.5%), inulin (dietary fibre), vegetable gum (pectin), rice starch, juice concentrate (purple carrot and lemon), natural flavours, milk minerals, live yoghurt cultures

Shelf life: As per best before date indicated on packaging – eat within three days of opening

Packaging: Available in a 150g tub and a 560g tub

Product manager: Kate Seedhouse

Brand website:

What the company says
Rachel’s is a range of healthy, lovingly crafted yoghurts with modern, gourmet flavours.

Thick and creamy but still low in fat, Rachel’s yoghurts feature exciting flavour combinations, such as Wild Strawberry & Rhubarb, Black Plum & Roasted Fig, Mango & Madagascan Vanilla, Peaches & Vine Ripe Passionfruit, and all include real fruit pieces.

Rachel’s is available in Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets.



Product name: CLIF Bar

Product manufacturer: Clif Bar & Company

Ingredients: For a full list, click here.

Shelf life: 10 months

Packaging: Kraft paper with foil inner

Product manager: Angela Kelly

Brand website:

What the company says
CLIF Bar, the top-selling energy bar in the United States and Canada, has arrived in Australia.

Made with 70 percent organic ingredients, these delicious bars offer an optimal blend of nutrition to energise people on the go.

Retailing for just $2.95, the 68g bars are available in six flavours: Blueberry Crisp, Chocolate Almond Fudge, Chocolate Chip, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut.

Featuring wholesome and organic ingredients, the bars combine a mix of carbohydrates, protein and fibre to supply working bodies with the extra energy and nutrients needed for extended periods of activity.

Low on the Glycemic Index, CLIF Bars have been specially formulated to provide a steady increase in blood sugar levels, followed by a gradual decline – not a crash.

CLIF Bars also contain 11 vitamins and minerals, including antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, which play an important role in maintaining a healthy heart, skin and immune system.


Special K Cracker Crisps

Product name: Special K Cracker Crisps Souther Cream & Chives

Product manufacturer: Kellogg Australia

Ingredients: Dehydrated potato (43%)(potato, emulsifier [339], antioxidant [304, 221]), potato starch, brown rice flour (12%), seasoning (milk solids, maltodextrin, onion powder, dextrose, sugar, sour cream powder, salt, yeast extract, flavours, food acids [330, 270, 327], anticaking agents [341,551], herbs [chives, parsley]), sunflower oil (antioxidant [tocopherois]), corn meal, oat fibre, salt, emulsifier (471).Contains gluten containing cereals and milk.

Shelf life: As per best before date indicated on packaging

Packaging: Foil

Product manager: Jeci David

Brand website:

What the company says

  • They are air popped which means they are heated until they ‘pop’ (like popcorn), and as they are cooked with air, not oil, they have 60 percent less fat than regular potato chips
  • Made from a combination of potato and brown rice
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • Found in the chip aisle of the supermarket

Special K Cracker Crisps will be available at Coles and independent retailers from the first week of September 2013.