Snowy Mountains Snacks

Product name: Snowy Mountains Snacks (bars)

Product manufacturer: Snowy Mountains Cookies

Cranberry and Dark Chocolate: Rolled oats, golden syrup, almonds, desiccated coconut, dark chocolate 9.8% [sugar, cocoa mass,cocoa butter, emulsifiers (soya lecithin, 476), natural flavour],  dried cranberries 7 % (sucrose, sunflower oil), unsalted butter, (cream, water), brown sugar, sunflower seeds, pepitas, olive oil, cinnamon.

Nature’s Nuts, Fruits and Seeds: Rolled oats, unsalted butter (cream, water), rice syrup, sultanas 9.4 %, dried dates9.4%, walnuts 6.8%, sunflower seeds 6.8%, desiccated coconut, brown sugar, olive oil.

Shelf life: Eight months from the day that they are baked

Packaging: Single wrapped or also available in a carton of 20

Product manager: Nolen Oayda

Brand website:

What the company says
With a flourless recipe base, the Snowy Mountains Snacks range features a variety of super foods, and a balanced mix of nuts, grains, fruit and seeds, to have you feeling fantastic inside and out. All Snowy Mountains Cookies products are made without preservatives, artificial colours or flavours and are made with only the finest of ingredients.

Snowy Mountains Snacks are available online at (free postage), or see the ‘Outlets’ page for a location near you.

Contact email:

Powerade Isotonic and Powerade Zero

Product name: POWERADE ISOTONIC Powder Sachets and POWERADE ZERO multipacks

Product manufacturer: POWERADE

Packaging: Powder, Sachet and Multipacks

Product manager: Alex Pettigrew, POWERADE marketing manager

Brand website:

What the company says
Recognising that value is imperative to consumers, the POWERADE brand has launched two new product formats to offer active Aussies more variety and convenience in in the sports category.

The new products hitting shelves this month are POWERADE Isotonic powder sachet multi-packs, and POWERADE ZERO 3x 600mL multi-packs.

POWERADE Isotonic powder sachets are convenient and light weight for on-the-go occasions Each sachet is designed to make the equivalent of a 600mL serve. Available in a 5 x 37g powder sachet multipack, the MOUNTAIN BLAST flavour and Berry Ice flavour both have an RRP of $4.99.

POWERADE ZERO multi-packs will be available in a 3 x 600mL format in Berry Blast flavour with an RRP of around $6.99 in grocery.

"Having launched on our shores last year, POWERADE ZERO is the only zero sugar sports drink currently available in the Australian market," said Alex Pettigrew, POWERADE marketing manager.

"The multi-pack is a zero sugar, low calorie sports hydration offering which delivers consumers excellent value-for-money in a three-pack format."

POWERADE ZERO is an electrolyte enhanced sports drink with zero sugar that is scientifically formulated to hydrate you fast when you need it most.

POWERADE ZERO is perfect for lighter sporting activities when you do not need the energy provided by the carbohydrates in POWERADE ISOTONIC and is an excellent option for sugar conscious consumers looking for additional hydration around workouts. POWERADE ZERO is also suitable for diabetics.


Uncle Tobys Puffs

Product name: Puffs- Caramel, Berry and Choc

Product manufacturer: Uncle Tobys

Ingredients: Wheat puffs, wheat flour, wheat starch, sugar, antioxidant, wholegrain rolled oats, glucose, sweetened condensed milk, skim milk powder, cocoa, emulsifiers, flavour, wholegrain wheat, vegetable oil, honey, salt, flavour

Shelf life: 5 months

Packaging: Box of 6

Brand website

Product manager: Nestle

What the company says:

Trying to find a snack that gets the tick of approval from both mums and kids is no mean feat, but UNCLE TOBYS’ latest muesli bar product Puffs is designed to do just that. 

Hitting supermarket shelves in April, the delicious puffed wheat bars are made from Australian grown grains and are available in three varieties – Caramel, Choc, and Berry. With such great flavours to choose from, kids will never know they’re actually snacking on 36% wholegrain in every bar.

Every Puffs bar is also free from artificial flavours and colours, two more plusses for the many mums concerned about what their kids are snacking on.

It’s ideal for the school lunchbox.

Nespresso’s new take on Italian coffee

Product name: Grand Cru Coffee

Product manufacturer: Nespresso

Italian coffee culture is distinct and aromatic and is the inspiration for Nespresso’s newly released Grand Cru coffees.

The limited edition range is based on the Italian cities of Napoli and Trieste.

The Nespresso Trieste reflects a mix of German, Latin and Slavic cultures, all enjoyed by resident coffee lovers with milk, without milk, long or short.

Nespresso has delicately blended Arabica beans to achieve an intensity level of 9 with hints of chocolate and fresh hazelnuts and a smooth, well rounded texture. 

Traditionally Neapolitans enjoy their coffee short and dark and with this in mind Nespresso has developed Nespresso Napoli which is a full bodied, high intensity blend.

Delivering the aroma of wood and black tea leaves the Napoli is a blend of Arabica beans with a hint of Robusta and has an intensity of 11.

It is best served black and hot with sugar, just how the locals like it.

The Grand Cru range will be available for a limited time from 8 April 2013 at Nespresso Boutiques nationally.

Wonderful Pistachios Sweet Chilli, and Salt & Pepper

Product name: Sweet Chilli, and Salt & Pepper

Product Manufacturer: Wonderful Pistachios

Ingredients: Salt & Pepper Pistachios: Pistachios, spice mixture salt, pepper, sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, dextrose, lemon juice concentrate, yeast extract, rosemary extract.

Sweet Chili Pistachios: Pistachios, Sugar, salt, onion powder, malic acid, red chili

Shelf life: 12 months

Packaging: Black and transparent 250g bosch bag

Product manager: James Kfouri

Brand website:

What the company says

Snacking is all the rage and nothing snacks better than Wonderful Pistachios Wonderful Pistachios are sun ripened and dry roasted to meet the highest quality standards of food aficionados.

Grown, processed and packaged by Paramount Farms, Wonderful Pistachios are available at Coles and Woolworths nationwide for $7.99rrp and are available in 250g packs in three flavours – Sweet Chili, Roasted & Salted, and Salt & Pepper.


Suncoast Gold Australian Macadamia Oil

Product name: Suncoast Gold Australian Macadamia Oil, 500mL

Product Manufacturer: Exquisite Macadamias

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil

Shelf Life: 2 years

Packaging: 500mL glass bottle

Product manager: Stuart Redman

Brand website:

What the company says

Suncoast Gold Australian Macadamia Oil is the only macadamia oil that carries the Heart Foundation Tick, which easily identifies Suncoast Gold as the healthier choice because it meets the Heart Foundation Tick’s strict nutritional criteria. Suncoast Gold Australian Macadamia Oil has been independently tested and contains one of the highest levels of monounsaturated oil when compared to other popular cooking oils.

Suncoast Gold Australian Macadamia Oil is made from the finest macadamias sourced from the lush rainforests from Noosa to Byron Bay. With its delicious, nutty flavour and high smoke point, macadamia oil is versatile enough for most cooking applications including shallow frying, baking and roasting; dressing bases; and alongside balsamic vinegar for dipping in bread.

Available in Coles and selected independent supermarkets. 100 percent Australian owned and grown.


Australian Brewery’s The Pale Ale

Product name: The Pale Ale

Product manufacturer: The Australian Brewery

Ingredients: Australian Galaxy hops, citrus, passionfruit

Shelf life: 9 months

Packaging: Cans: 4-pack or 16 in a case

Product manager: Neal Cameron

Brand website:

What the company says

The Pale Ale is inspired by Australia's favourite flavours and is a characteristically cloudy beer with the distinctive aroma of Australian Galaxy hops.  A perfect mix of flavour and drinkability. Admire this pale cloudy ale before immersing yourself in the rich aromas of citrus & passionfruit that only Galaxy hops can provide.

The Head Brewer at Australian Brewery, Neal Cameron said: “The Pale Ale is newish style of beer, a Pacific Ale, which uses the distinctive aroma of Australian Galaxy hops from northern Victoria as its signature.  Galaxy hops create a wonderful passionfruit and tropical fruit aroma in the beer which is proving to be a hit with the beer drinkers.”

Australian Brewery’s The Pilsner

Product name: The Pilsner

Product manufacturer: The Australian Brewery

Ingredients: Spicy NZ hops and citrus American hops

Shelf life: 9 months

Packaging: Cans: 4-pack or 16 in a case

Product manager: Neal Cameron

Brand website:

What the company says

There is a new can of beer in town – Australian Brewery is launching their very own Pilsner. The beer style is inspired by international flavours like the classic crisp and bitter pilsners of Germany.

The Australian Brewery Pilsner takes the palest Australian malts and interweaves the bite and aroma of New World hops. Spicy New Zealand hops and citrus American hops generate an enticing aroma and a crisp, peppery bitterness that balances the rounded malt profile.

The Head Brewer at Australian Brewery, Neal Cameron said:  “We’ve been running the brewery for a couple of years and have moved into packaged product this year with the cans.  We have developed a product range that takes classic beer styles from around the world and makes them distinctly Australian.

"The Pilsner is a more classic clean, crisp and hoppy beer; wonderfully drinkable. It’s perfect for the fridge; although in my experience, they don’t seem to last long in there.”

Almond breeze chocolate flavour

Product name: Almond Breeze Chocolate

Product manufacturer: Pactum/Freedom Foods

Ingredients: filtered water, raw sugar, almonds (2%), cocoa powder (0.6%), calcium carbonate (ground limestone), sea salt, stabilizer (carrageenan), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), natural flavour.

Shelf life: Refrigerate for longer shelf life.

Packaging: Sold in 1L individual cartons. Sold to stores in packs of 12.

Product manager: Roger Ringwood

Brand website:

What the company says

Following the successful launch of Almond Breeze last year, the leading international brand of almond milk is expanding its range with a low fat and dairy free chocolate version.

Set to hit the shelves just in time for Easter, Chocolate Almond Breeze is a healthy non-dairy treat that is easy to digest and nutritious at the same time. The chocolate version has just 120 calories per 250ml serving making it a healthy alternative to chocolate skim milk and soy.

Roger Ringwood, Country Director for Almond Breeze said: “We are thrilled with the success of Almond Breeze and are excited with the opportunity that the new chocolate version brings to the brand. There has always been a demand for a healthy alternative to those products we love, such as chocolate milk. Chocolate Almond Breeze appeals to the whole family and is ideal for anyone looking for a guilt free treat and a healthier lifestyle.”

Birds Eye Deli Chips

Product name: Birds Eye Deli Chips

Product manufacturer: Simplot

Ingredients: Potato (75 percent), canola oil, corn starch, rice flour, potato starch, wheat flour, salt, thickeners (1404, xanthan gum, guar gum), rosemary, acidity regulators (450, sodium bicarbonate), garlic powder, sugar, pepper. Contains wheat.

Shelf life: keep frozen

Packaging: Plastic – 600 g

Product manager: Sue Scott

Brand website:

What the company says
Birds Eye Deli Chips are a new and unique flavour proposition. The succulent range is a market first and is guaranteed to excite your taste buds any night of the week.

The innovative new Deli Chips range will include two tantilising flavour varieties: Sea Salt & Rosemary; and Parmesan Garlic & Basil.

Inspired by gourmet foods found in delis from around the world, Birds Eye has seasoned these delicious chips with quality ingredients to create the perfect, mouthwatering snack or accompaniment for any meal.

Simplot Australia general manager of Retail Marketing, Tara Lordsmith, said, "The Birds Eye Deli Chips range is an extremely exciting product launch for us. There is currently nothing quite like it in the Australian market. This delicious range delivers on taste and convenience as customers demand quality from their freezer products."


Chobani Greek Yogurt

Product name: Chobani Greek Yogurt – New Flavours

Product manufacturer: Chobani Pty Ltd

Ingredients: cultured pasteurised non-fat milk, live and active cultures: S. Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus and L. Casei. Contains milk.

Shelf life: 50 days with refrigeration

Packaging: Single serve plastic pots

Product manager: Peter Meek

Brand website:

What the company says
Chobani Australia has introduced seven new delicious flavours to its 170g Greek yogurt range, available nationally from mid-March 2013.

Hitting shelves around the country in Woolworths supermarkets, Chobani Greek Yogurt has even more to offer yogurt lovers with its latest innovative flavours including Raspberry, Honey, Apple Cinnamon, Lemon, Pear, Black Cherry and Blood Orange, available in fat-free yogurt and low-fat yogurt varieties.

Each 170g pot comes with delicious real fruit, is a good source of protein and is low in fat, making it a satisfying, convenient option.

Chobani’s unique authentic straining process requires three litres of milk to make one litre of its Greek Yogurt, which gives it its thick texture, creamy taste and makes it a good source of protein without the need for preservatives.

The new flavour additions mark the steady expansion of the Chobani Greek Yogurt range, which now consists of 14 fat-free yogurt and low-fat yogurt flavours.


Kraft’s Livefree cheese

Product name: Livefree

Product manufacturer: Kraft

Ingredients: Milk, salt, starter cultures, enzyme

Shelf life: 210 days, 7 months

Packaging: Printed film, with clear window on the back

Product manager: Jessie Rosengarten

Brand website:

What the company says
Health-conscious Australians hungry for a low-fat cheese that tastes fantastic can satisfy their cheesiest cravings in February 2013 when Kraft Livefree hits supermarket shelves. Livefree has 80 percent less fat than regular tasty cheese*, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a low fat option.

Livefree is also four times lower in fat than other light tasty cheeses*; all the while maintaining its delicious cheddar flavour. This truly lighter option is also higher in protein and calcium than most other light tasty cheeses*.

Made in Australia, Livefree is created in a similar way to regular tasty cheese. Its all natural ingredients consist of pure fresh milk, salt, cultures and non-animal rennet. With no additives, Livefree is wholesome and a good source of calcium, perfect for everyday eating.

Deliciously versatile, Livefree is perfect for cooking and snacking allowing you to celebrate your love for cheese everyday. Available in 250g and 500g blocks and 250g ready grated packs, Livefree is easy to incorporate into any recipe favourite. Shave a little Livefree into your risotto, chop up a few cubes and add them to your salad or use to make a hearty and flavour filled frittata.

*compared to leading Australian light tasty cheese brands

Be Natural Porridge Range

Product name: Be Natural Porridge Range

Product manufacturer: Kellogg’s

Ingredients: Wholegrains (Rolled rye, rolled barley and rolled oats)

Shelf life: One year

Packaging: Eco-friendly resealable and reusable canister

Brand website:

What the company says
Be Natural add three new additions to the Be Natural Porridge Range. The all new Be Natural 3 Grain Porridge has three flavours to choose from: Pink Lady Apple, Flame Raisin and Coconut; Honey; and classic Original.

In keeping with the Be Natural promise, the 3 Grain Porridge range has been carefully crafted and packed full of the good stuff, combining some of nature’s best wholegrains including rye, barley and traditional creamy oats. Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, the Be Natural porridge range is made with only the finest, and most flavoursome natural ingredients.

It’s quick and easy to prepare in just 90 seconds, and of course it’s up to you if you boil or microwave, what milk you use or whether you go with the lighter option of water… Whatever you choose, the great taste will remain the same.

Be Natural 3 Grain Porridge is packed in an innovative, eco-friendly and resealable canister, maintaining the freshness and goodness that nature intended. And its lid allows you to measure the exact quantity of a single serve – so forget gluggy or overly dry porridge! The creative canister can also be reused to store your herbal teabags or as a money box for loose change to buy your next batch of seedlings!


Sesame & Soya Dressing

Product name: Sesame & Soya Dressing

Product manufacturer: SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce

Ingredients: Japanese fermented soy sauce, pure sesame oil, brown sugar, water, sesame seeds, sea salt, dried chillies

Shelf life: six months

Packaging: Glass bottle

Product manager: Saori Kojima

Brand website:

What the company says
Saori Kojima created her range of healthy and delicious sauces so that anybody can enjoy a large variety of quick and easy Japanese dishes.

You don’t need to go to a restaurant to enjoy fine Japanese meals anymore. You can make them in the comfort your own home – anytime you like.

SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce, based in Melbourne, is 100 percent homemade and uses quality Japanese ingredients and recipes to give them their authentic flavours.

Sesame & Soya Dressing is unique in that it is a salad dressing and a stir-fry sauce in one. With its remarkably different hot and cold tastes, you can create delicious stir-fries and/or exotic salads from the one bottle. It can also be used as an excellent gyoza or sushi/nori roll dipping sauce. Anyway that you choose to use it…it is simply delicious.


Nighty Night herbal tea

Product name: Nighty Night

Product manufacturer: Beaming with Health

Ingredients: Organic valerian, californian poppy, licorice, zizyphus

Shelf life: Three years

Packaging: Round tin

Product manager: Mim Beim

Brand website:

What the company says
Nighty Night herbal tea is for people who suffer insomnia and sleeplessness. Naturopath Mim Beim has over 25 years experience in the realm of natural medicine. The Beaming with Health range uses age old herbal remedies blended together to create a synergy of health benefits and flavours.

Contact email:


Chocolate Philadelphia

Product name: Chocolate Philadelphia

Product manufacturer: Kraft

Ingredients:  Philadelphia cream cheese (26%)/Cadbury Milk Chocolate (30%), milk, sugar, cream (from milk), water, cocoa mass, milk solids, cocoa butter, cocoa power, acidity regulator (270), vegetable gums (410, 412), salt emulsifiers (soy lecithin, 476), thickener (466), preservative (200), starter culture, natural vanilla flavour.

Packaging: Plastic and foil-sealed lid

Shelf life: Five months – best used with 10 days of opening

Product manager: Bianca Melky

Brand website:

What the company says
A new match made in snacking heaven has hit supermarket shelves, with the launch of Chocolate Philadelphia. Bringing together two of Australia’s most loved brands, Chocolate Philadelphia is the perfect combination of the rich and decadent Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with the light, luscious and pleasurable Philadelphia.

Chocolate Philadelphia is a new, fresh snacking sensation that pairs well with fruit, crackers and bread to make a delectable indulgence, for all snacking occasions. With only 78 calories per 25g serve, Chocolate Philadelphia is a delicious snack that is so good you’ll think it’s bad.


Leggo’s Vine Ripe

Product name: Leggo's Vine Ripe

Product manufacturer: Simplot

Ingredients: 100 percent Vine Ripe Tomatoes

Shelf life: 18 months+

Packaging: Glass

Brand website:

What the company says
Leggo's is proud to announce the launch of its new Vine Ripe pasta sauce range. Made with 100 percent Australian vine ripened tomatoes, the Leggo's Vine Ripe range helps to create delicious, fresh Italian dishes any night of the week.

Leggo's Vine Ripe pasta sauce contains all natural ingredients including tomatoes ripened on the vine in the ‘fruit bowl’ region in Victoria's North and Southern NSW. Leggo's vine ripened tomatoes are complemented by simple ingredients to highlight their natural sweetness.

The perfect ingredient for any Italian meal, Leggo's Vine Ripe can be used by itself with pasta for a fresh tasting, simple dish or can be used as a base to add your own special touches to.

Simplot Australia general manager of retail marketing, Tara Lordsmith said, "We are thrilled to be adding Leggo's Vine Ripe Pasta Sauce to our range. We know that consumers are seeking Australian grown produce so we're confident shoppers will embrace the simple, quality ingredients and fresh flavor of this delicious new range."

The three variants in the Vine Ripe range include:

  • Tomato and Roasted Garlic
  • Tomato and Basil
  • Tomato and Onion

The new Leggo's Vine Ripe range is available at Woolworths, Coles and independent supermarkets nationwide.


Byron Bay Cookies ANZAC Biscuit

Product name: Byron Bay Cookies ANZAC Biscuit

Product manufacturer: Slater International

Ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, rolled oats, coconut, golden syrup

Shelf life: six months

Packaging: Printed Film

Product manager: Emilie Emond

Brand website:

What the company says
Byron Bay Cookies is proud to launch its very own ANZAC biscuit which follows the traditional ANZAC biscuit recipe and as such received the seal of approval from the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

This soft textured golden biscuit is crammed with rolled oats and coconut and bound to become a new favourite with cookie lovers everywhere!

Available in bulk packs for cookie jars and as single wrap biscuits with beautifully designed packaging featuring the ANZAC logo.


No Added Sugar or Salt Peanut Butter

Product name: No Added Sugar or Salt Peanut Butter

Product manufacturer: Kraft Foods

Ingredients: Roasted peanuts (91 percent minimum), vegetable oils (contains antioxidant (320))

Shelf life: eight months

Packaging: No Added Sugar or Salt Peanut Butter is available in a distinctive yellow lid jar made from recyclable plastic

Product manager: Dave Salter

Brand website:

What the company says
Kraft Foods has launched a new variety to its Kraft Peanut Butter range – a specially formulated peanut butter with No Added Sugar or Salt.

Created with health conscious peanut butter lovers in mind, No Added Sugar or Salt Peanut Butter is made up of 91 percent (minimum) lightly roasted peanuts. It contains high quality hi oleic peanuts, which have a fatty acid combination similar to olive oil, with more of the ‘good fats’, essential to a balanced diet.

The new peanut butter variety is a healthier way to enjoy Australia’s favourite peanut butter spread as it’s packed with peanuts – not sugar or salt – while still retaining a rich, delicious taste.

Kraft Foods nutritionist, Jenni Cooper, describes how peanut butter can be an important part of a healthy balanced eating plan. "We should all aim to consume a healthy balanced diet, rich in mono-unsaturated fat. Being of plant origin, No Added Sugar or Salt Peanut Butter is naturally cholesterol free and is rich in the good fats, mono-unsaturated fats, which are important for your heart’s wellbeing."


PureBred Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

Product name: PureBred Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

Product manufacturer: Cuisine Royale

Ingredients: Water, Sultanas (16%), Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour, Canola Oil, Thickeners (460, 464, 1420, 466), Maize starch, Psyllium Husk Powder, Potato Starch, Yeast, Partially Inverted Sugar Syrup, Egg White Powder, Rice Bran, Plum Puree, Orange Peel (1.3%), Mixed Spices (Coriander, Cinamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Fennel, Cloves, Cardamon), Glucose Syrp, Rice Starch, Concentrated Fruit Juice, Salt, Cinnamon, Lemon Peel (0.3%), Sugar, Preservative (200), Acidity Regulator (330)

 Shelf life: eight days

Packaging: Food grade heat sealable polypropylene with a 30 micron gauge, suitable for recycling.

Product manager: Aisling O’Loughlin

Brand website:

What the company says
One in 100 Australians struggle to enjoy the humble Hot Cross Bun at Easter because of a gluten-free diet.

Fortunately, these Australians don’t have to miss out anymore thanks to a new Hot Cross Bun range which tastes just like the real thing.

PureBred’s new Hot Cross Buns have been specifically created with the dietary needs of those with coeliac disease and other food allergies in mind – they are high fibre, wheat free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and nut-free.

PureBred’s delicious Gluten Free Hot Cross buns come in packs of four, are generously spiced, fruity and have a soft, fluffy consistency with a crisp, bread-like crust.

Until recently, taste and texture has been a major issue with gluten-free products. PureBred’s Hot Cross Buns deliver a mouth-watering taste and consistency and are perfect for those with delicate stomachs who don’t want to be denied a treat this Easter.

PureBred Hot Cross Buns will be available nationally at Coles from 6 February 2013.