My Muscle Chef meals under 400 calories

Australian-owned functional food and beverage company bolsters its 80+ varieties of meals, sides, snacks and beverage with the addition of six new high protein meals and three new Protein Bite flavours.

My Muscle Chef has announced six new meals with low calorie, low carb, keto and vegan options. Each meal contains at least one third of the daily vegetable intake for gut friendly nutrition to support the immune system, as well as four low carb options, five meals under 400 calories and a new vegan creation.

Gingin produces gin

His small tin shed distillery only opened in 2016, but James Young has already won back-to-back Distillery of the Year titles at Australia’s most prestigious spirit competition. With that enviable title under his belt, the Perth local is about to see his lifelong dream become a reality; the opening of brand-new distillery in Gingin, and the launch of a world class gin of the same calibre that earnt Old Young’s the highest accolade possible at the Australian Distilled Spirit Awards in 2017 and 2018.

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Limited edition whisky released

Westward – a single malt reimagined in the American Northwest – has created a new limited-edition Pinot Noir Cask Finish exclusively for Australia biggest whisky community, The Whisky Club. Following an outstanding response to 2019’s exclusive release Westward and The Whisky Club are excited to present: The Single Barrel Selection of Westward Whiskey Pinot Noir Finish at Cask Strength.

 To create a truly unique and unfettered new offering, Westward Whiskey’s head distiller, Miles Munroe, has chosen four of the most exceptional single barrels to produce a bigger and bolder version of the 2019 small-batch release. With an ABV of 62.5, this whiskey is bottled straight from the barrel, reflecting the robust flavours built in every step of Westward’s long, slow process.

The Single Barrel Selection of Westward Whiskey Pinot Noir Finish at Cask Strength is made from scratch at their Portland distillery using Pacific Northwest two-row barley, brewed with American pale ale yeast for outstanding flavour, double pot distilled for exceptional character, and matured in 2-char, kiln-dried 53-gallon lightly charred new American oak barrels. Once fully matured, the batch is finished for 19 months in French Oak wine casks that had previously held Pinot Noir from Dominio IV Wines.

Created in partnership with Dominio IV Wines, a renowned family-grown producer from the Willamette Valley – Oregon’s esteemed winemaking region – the Single Barrel Selection of Westward Whiskey Pinot Noir Finish at Cask Strength is bound to sell out to The Whisky Club members who will be the only people in the world able to taste these four single barrel expressions.

The Whisky Club members will be the only people in the world able to taste these four single barrel expressions, a robust product that is the delicious next step up in the ongoing collaboration between Australia’s biggest whisky club and the legends of American Single Malt.

New offering from Bundaberg

The team behind Bundaberg Ginger Beer is taking the opportunity to highlight its wider range of naturally brewed beverages in a variety pack made for Amazon.

Available in time for Christmas and summer entertaining the Bundabergt Brewed Drinks Variety Pack features the iconic Ginger Beer along with other popular cocktail-mixing brews including Guava, Pink Grapefruit, Pineapple & Coconut, Traditional Lemonade and Peach.

“People tell us they love our iconic Ginger Beer, but they’re often surprised to learn of some of the brews in the wider range. The new pack gives us the chance to introduce flavours people may not otherwise try” said Bundaberg Brewed Drinks CEO, John McLean. “It’s a great opportunity for people to treat themselves to an affordable indulgence that reminds them of yesteryear.”

The brews included in the Variety Pack follow the same traditional brewing methods as the iconic ginger beer. Each flavour is brewed using real fruit and locally grown cane sugar, consistent with the high-quality beverages consumers expect from the brewers. Just like the Ginger Beer, all brews featured in the pack are great mixed with your favourite spirit or ice-cold as a soft drink.

Vegan Champagne released

Champagne Lanson is a vegan option for a celebratory drink. Hailing from Reims, the range of Lanson Champagnes come from the Maison Lanson, which was established in 1760 and therefore one of the world’s oldest Champagne Houses and the British Royal Family’s Champagne of choice, making it perfect for the festive season and impressing even the most critical of family and guests.

Lark Distilling launches Double Tawny single malt whisky

Tasmania’s Lark Distilling Co. has unveiled its latest dark and fruity single malt whisky, Double Tawny. The limited release from Lark’s Coal Valley Distillery elevates it’s signature Classic Cask single malt whisky to sensational new heights.

On the nose, Double Tawny is punchy and fruity, with notes of rich tawny, dark chocolate, apple and blackcurrant crumble with old oak, leather-bound books and toffee. Flavours of vanilla custard, Lark’s signature candied orange peel, rich toffee and oak develop on the palate, leading to the unmissable tang of rich dark fruit to remnants of oak and smoke.

Funch launch plant-based purees

Funch has launched a range of plant-based purees for the baby food market  that use 100 per cent Australian ingredients.

The best part for parents? Produce that can easily be traced back to the paddock where it is grown. Every ingredient in the Baby Puree range has a farm profile made available on the Funch website.

This includes chia harvested from the Kimberley region, Aussie fruits farmed across regional Victoria and organic quinoa sourced from Kindred Organics, a family-owned and run farm in Tasmania.

Flavorman creates drink for 2020

If 2020 was a drink, what would it taste like? Experts at Flavorman, a Louisville, KY-based beverage development company, got together to find out.

“It’s been an exceptionally challenging year for everyone, so in an effort to spread some positivity, we wanted to do something fun,” says David Dafoe, founder and CEO. “As beverage architects, we’re always looking for ways to challenge our creativity, so we thought— let’s make 2020 into a beverage.”

The commemorative drink was inspired by four themes from the year: seeking comfort, a global consciousness around health, the power of hope, and of course, the unpredictable series of events that have defined this historic period.

With plenty of reasons to seek out comfort without compromising on health Flavorman decided to create a mocktail. Pairing their knowledge of flavour trends with attention to health, the experts also chose pink grapefruit flavour for its tart taste and boost of immunity; but grapefruit can leave a bitter taste in your mouth, just like the year 2020. Flavorman sought to “mask” that by pairing it with a sweet, silky honey— a reminder that life is sweet. Together, the bittersweet combination provides a bright, uplifting profile to mirror the sense of hope which has carried us through every challenge faced this year.

Green’s Baking launches Café Style range

With more Australians baking at home and interested in trying out new things in the kitchen, Green’s Baking has created a range of baking mixes designed to assist even the novice chef.
The range includes the Brookie Brownie Cookie, Jumbo Apple, Walnut & Sultana Muffin, and the Jumbo Triple Choc Muffin.
There are no artificial colours or flavours.

Kavalan limited edition Artist Series

Kavalan has launched its “Kavalan Artists Series,” a new range of expressions that aims to highlight the fine art of whisky.
Kavalan launches ‘Artists Series Collector Set’ of four limited edition bottlings with silkscreen print by Paul Chiang titled “Mountain Range of Taiwan.”
The first edition introduces four bottles in collaboration with Master Artist Paul Chiang, who draws creative energy from his homeland, and whose work was selected for interpreting classical music and the natural beauty of Taiwan.
The single-cask, cask-strength whiskies — Puncheon, Virgin Oak, French Wine Cask, and Peated Malt — are inspired by the four elements, Ocean, Air, Sunlight, and Mother Earth, each of which plays an essential role in the creation of Kavalan whisky. The distillery will release a total of 198 collector sets, which come with four 700ml bottlings. In addition each set includes a uniquely numbered and signed edition of one of two silkscreen prints by Paul Chiang titled, “Pisilian” or “Mountain Range of Taiwan.” Meanwhile, a total of 4,000 individual bottles will be released, bottled at 1,000ml for individual purchase.

Idle Hour released

A Brisbane distillery is leading the vodka resurgence globally with the launch of Idle Hour, an Australian rye vodka.

With spiced flavour and a creamy body and bolstered with hints of pepper, this spirit goes well on the rocks or as a key ingredient in a cocktail. It has zero additives and is gluten free. It is meant to be savoured and enjoyed, not just tasted and never disguised.

Idle Hour will be available at 100 stores across Queensland from November.