Flow Switch

Fast response FLT93F Flow Switch

Plant engineers and maintenance staff responsible for ensuring the reliable operation of positive air flow pressure and exhaust ventilation systems for clean rooms, labs, analyser houses or production areas will find the FLT93F Flow Switch from Fluid Components International (FCI) provides them a highly sensitive and reliable solution to monitor and alarm if their system is degrading, not operating to specifications, or has shut-down.  
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flow meter

Precision compressed air thermal flow meter improves processes, reduces maintenance, and cuts costs

The compact FS10i Flow Meter Series is a dependable, economical and easy to install solution to measure the flow rate of compressed air, air and natural gas.  They are accurate to ± 1.5 per cent of reading, ±0.5 per cent of full scale, with repeatability of ± 0.5 per cent of reading and have a response time of 4 seconds (1 time constant).
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Taking a load off baking ovens

When asked what he loved most about his job in the baking industry, Bakery Combinations general manager, Mark Hodgson, said that the appeal of working with MIWE was too hard to ignore when the opportunity arose to join the team two years ago.

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Skills management and development re-invented for the plant floor

If you’re like most organisations today, you probably can’t recruit and train new hires quickly enough to replace the outflow of workers retiring or leaving your organisation each year. Some of your workers have likely been with your organisation for decades. When they leave, they take all of their experience and tribal knowledge out the door with them, making them impossible to replace overnight.

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