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CBCo Brewing celebrates milestone with zero alcohol release

CBCo Head Brewer Ashley Hazell toasts launch of CBCo Zero

CBCo Brewing is the first Australian-owned, independent craft brewer to bring a 0.0 per cent ABV beer to market, with today’s launch of CBCo Zero.

Tropical Sour is the first in the CBCo Zero range and is available exclusively at CBCo Brewing’s Port Melbourne brewery from Tuesday 14 February 2023.

To celebrate the launch, CBCo is offering a free pot of the new 0.0 per cent ABV Topical Sour to anyone 18 years and over who visits the brewery this February.

CBCo Brewing managing director Lawrence Dowd says the launch of CBCo Zero represents a significant milestone for the popular independent craft brewer.

“At CBCo we pride ourselves on constantly innovating and crafting beers for Australian tastes,” Dowd says.

“Our Zero range has been developed for beer drinkers for those occasions where a 0.0 per cent alcohol solution is a better fit. It offers a greater choice for those wanting to moderate their alcohol consumption, or avoid the effects of drinking alcohol altogether.”

“Zero-alcohol beers have never been more popular with Australian drinkers,” Dowd says, “and while there are a number of great beers on the market that are less than 0.5 per cent, our Zero is the first zero-alcohol beer at 0.0 per cent ABV from an independent, Australian-owned craft brewer.”

“With CBCo Zero, drinkers can rest assured zero alcohol means 0.0 per cent alcohol. It’s real beer, with the alcohol removed.”
Dowd said.

“We have deliberately taken our time to perfect the process and master the technology to ensure there is no compromise to the quality or flavour of our beer during the dealcoholisation process.”

“Our head brewer, Ashley Hazell, has been leading our team to master the de-alc process,” Dowd says, “ensuring our zero range will not only deliver on our 0.0 per cent alcohol promise, but also the great taste and quality of beer CBCo is known for.”

“Our Alfa Laval De-Alc Module is innovative tech,” Hazell explains, “and I’m excited that CBCo is the first independent craft brewery in the country to work with it.

“The process works by passing finished beer through a vacuum chamber full of low-temperature steam, to evaporate the alcohol with minimal impact on beer flavour. It’s real beer, but with the alcohol removed.

“The team and I have been continually brewing small batch beers with dealcoholisation in mind, and look forward to releasing a range of 0.0 per cent ABV beers on tap and in pack throughout 2023.”

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