Cerise Pink Gin by Bass and Flinders Distillery

Back by popular demand after a successful small scale trial of the product in May, Bass and Flinders Distillery will officially release Cerise Gin in time for Spring on Tuesday 12 September.

Cerise is a contemporary gin with subtle hibiscus and orange blossom aromas blended with cherry and raspberry flavours. A playful spirit reveals a balanced velvety finish with a subtle sweetness reminiscent of Turkish delight. Just right for a Gin and Tonic at a fun Springtime garden party or other celebration.

The delicate pink blush of Cerise Gin comes from a unique infusion of cherries and raspberries. Cerise Gin has been made in small batches to yield the best quality spirit that celebrates ingredients from local farms on Red Hill. All gins by Bass and Flinders are handcrafted from grape based spirit.

“Using grape spirit for gin provides another dimension to the gin’s botanicals and adds to the, texture, viscosity and flavour of the spirit.  This, combined with seasonal produce, produces extraordinary spirits,” said Wayne Klintworth, head distiller of Bass and Flinders Distillery.

Cerise gin can be purchased through the distillery’s cellar door or via the website for a limited time.

Bass and Flinders Distillery was founded in 2009 on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. An artisanal distillery, Bass and Flinders Distillery targets a niche market of gin lovers who appreciate seasonal and harvest products such as our Winter gin, Truffle gin & Truffle vodka and our Angry Ant gin.

Bass and Flinders produce grape spirit using a traditional Alembic Pot Still to create a range of eclectic gins and award winning spirits and liqueurs including Vodka, Limoncello, Grappa and of course our outstanding five-year aged brandy, Ochre.

Image: Katherine Jamison Photography

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