CFP2000 Water Series added to Delta’s AC Motor Drives Range

Delta Energy Systems Australia has added the CFP2000 Water Series to its range of AC Motor Drives.

Delta’s CFP2000 Water Series is a Low Voltage Variable Speed Drive (VSD) specially designed for water processing and treatment applications such as centrifugal pumps & blowers. It is designed with an industry leading IP55 enclosure to provide effective protection from dust and other particles and a high degree of protection from water. In addition, it includes many outstanding features and built-in functions that reduce setup and tuning time in operation and provide higher efficiency.

The CFP2000 Water Series incorporates the use of higher rated Class 3C3 PCB over a traditional Class 3C2 – this offers unique protection to salt in harsh water applications to enhance the VSD’s durability.

The CFP2000 is also equipped with a built-in EMC filter and a DC choke. This design replaces the need for an electrical distribution cabinet and saves space for other devices, while providing the benefits of harmonic suppression and better power quality to the system.

The CFP2000 water drive comes standard with a market leading 3 year Australian Warranty for ‘peace of mind’ in such harsh environments where a reliable and capable VSD is required to keep your operation online, all the time.

The CFP2000 is available now in Australia and New Zealand.

To find out more about Delta’s CFP AC Water Series, click here.

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