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Champagne Bollinger celebrates World Champagne Day

Champagne Bollinger is celebrating World Champagne Day on October 27th, as one of Champagne’s leading Maisons.

As one of the few remaining estates still privately owned, Champagne Bollinger remains an integral – and well-earned – pillar of the Champagne world. 

Since its creation in 1829, Champagne Bollinger has further honoured and cultivated its rich history by welcoming periods of experimentation hallmarked by a certain creative boldness.

Born in 2009, #ChampagneDay celebrates its namesake beverage, uniting wine lovers globally who believe wholeheartedly in the beauty of terroir, tradition, and modernity, as championed by Comité Champagne.

From the ambitiously optimistic Madame Bollinger, to the classy Agent-of-Style James Bond, Champagne Bollinger remains the chosen drink of those determined to indulge in each and every delicately created sip.

The beauty of Champagne Bollinger comes from the versatility of its range and success in satisfying every palate, from its iconic Special Cuvée and Rosé to the intricacies of its limited releases, including the Maison’s most recent, Bollinger PN.

Celebrate small moments, big moments, and everything in between with Bollinger on World Champagne Day.

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