Cheese exports to South Korea increase ten-fold

There was a ten-fold increase in cream cheese exports from Australia over the three months to the end of June, resulting from a strategic shift to non trans-fatty foods across South Korea’s 420 Dunkin’ Donut stores, says Austrade.

With the core of its product being fried, Dunkin’ Donuts revised its menu and recently developed a bagel and cream cheese menu for its Korean customers.

Austrade senior business development manager, Hae-Sook Chung said the Australian cream cheese deal with Dunkin’ Donuts was the result of the company purchasing cream cheese from WhiteCheese, a Korean company that had bought the cheese from Australia’s leading dairy manufacturer, National Foods.

Austrade maintains it was instrumental in introducing National Foods to the Korea-based suppliers of the cheese to Dunkin’ Donuts.

“Austrade’s Seoul office has worked for ten years with National Foods providing in-market support,” Chung said.

National Foods cheese export manager Tony Gunnis said specialty cheese products were an important part of the company’s international growth strategy, together with its milk and juice categories.

“The partnership with WhiteCheese to supply Australian cream cheese to Dunkin’ Donuts stores in Korea has represented an extraordinary growth opportunity,” Gunnis said.

According to Austrade, Australian products are making a significant impact in South Korea; currently Australia’s third biggest merchandise export market.

As a highly brand-oriented society, ‘Brand Australia’ is an important marketing and business platform in Korea.


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