Cheese the most commonly stolen food item

A report has revealed the most commonly stolen food around the world, and you may be surprised to find it’s not bread, flour, milk, meat or other essential staples, but rather cheese.

Cheese has is now classed as a “high-risk food” due to the rate of theft, Sky News reports.

In the UK, almost £5 million of cheese has been stolen in the last year.

It seems the dire financial situation around the world is causing many to go to extreme measures, with theft rates up more than 6 per cent in the 12 months up to July.

"Retail casualties have been extremely high over the summer and some of the most exposed retailers have already disappeared from the high street,” Retail analyst Emmanuel Hembert told Sky News.

"For the past six months, they have been affected by bad news – economic slow down, government cuts and now an increase in shoplifting.

Worryingly, a large percentage of thefts from stores are by the workers, at almost 40 per cent.

"It’s extremely worrying that the actions of some people can end up affecting innocent families financially, which is a cost the majority of people can ill-afford in this tough economic climate."

Food is the most common form of theft, with cheese topping the list, but other items including clothes and beauty supplies are also stolen frequently.
The most commonly stolen items from supermarkets after cheese are razorblades, alcohol, coffee and CD’s and DVD’s.

Neil Matthews, vice-president of retail security firm Checkpoint Systems, told Sky the rates have definitely increased dramatically.

"Compared to the 2010 figures, loss among the high-risk food lines has shot up by more than the global average, evidence that they are increasingly being targeted by shoplifters," he said.

Almost 2 per cent of clothing sales were lost last year to shoplifting, while mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow increased to 2.37%.

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