Chep seals APCO Sustainable Packaging Award

Chep Australia won the 2017 Packaging Manufacturer Award at the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation annual Sustainable Packaging Awards last week.

The award recognizes Chep’s leading role in supporting sustainable circular economies with its share and reuse business model.

According to Lachlan Feggans senior manager sustainability at CHEP, the company’s core business objectives are directly linked to its 2020 Sustainability Goals and the company’s programs support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

“Aligning our sustainability goals to the United Nations’ SDG connects our business with global sustainable development priorities and provides a common platform to collaborate with key stakeholders on critical sustainability issues,” said Feggans.

“At CHEP we optimise the flow of goods through the supply chain, reducing waste and supporting the world to trade more efficiently and sustainably. It’s a unique example of a virtuous cycle because the more our customers share and reuse our platforms, the greater the efficiencies and environmental benefits of our networks.”

“When customers use our Reusable Plastic Containers, Bins and Pallets, over single use products, they are reducing their environmental footprint and supporting a sustainable future.”

According to Brooke Donnelly, Chief Executive Officer at the Australian Packaging Covenant, because the spotlight is firmly on waste and recycling there has never been a better time for Australian businesses to consciously reduce their environmental footprint.

“To effectively minimise waste going to landfill, sustainable packaging and supply chains are crucial. While there is no denying that much work still needs to be done – I feel it’s also important to acknowledge that there are great steps already being taken,” she said.

“APCO’s annual awards celebrate some truly amazing work being done to minimise the environmental impact of their packaging. CHEP has been recognised for achieving a 100% diversion from landfill rate for timber and plastic.

CHEP is a signatory to APCO in an effort to change the culture of business to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and support a sustainable circular economy. CHEP aims to assist customers to meet their sustainable packaging objectives under the new APCO reporting framework, due for release in November 2017.

Image: Meghan Jaspers (Account Manager, Retail) and Lachlan Feggans (Senior Manager, Sustainability) accepting the award on behalf of CHEP.

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