Chia ‘super juice’ launching in Australia

This month, New Zealand made nutrient-rich beverage Chia, is officially launching in Australia.

Using Australian grown chia seeds and real fruit from New Zealand, the juice combines the best cross-Tasman ingredients to pack a powerful and nourishing punch for the body and mind.

The first chia beverage in Australia, CHIA is 100 per cent natural and free of gluten, refined sugar and preservatives. Originally designed as an endurance and recovery drink for athletes, it is recommended for athletes, parents, children, professionals and the health conscious alike.

“CHIA was born out of my desire to design a delicious, nourishing beverage that has real ingredients and real benefits. The chia seed is well known for its super food qualities when hydrated, and I wanted to bring this to life through the CHIA drinks,” said founder Chloe Van Dyke.

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fibre, iron, calcium, protein and magnesium, the hydrated chia seeds in CHIA are proven to help our body absorb all the goodness chia seeds have to offer. When soaked, chia seeds activate, maximising its benefits – keeping you fuller and hydrated for longer.


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