Chicken poo research helping poultry go green

A researcher at Central Queensland University has delivered promising results on reducing the presence of environmentally harmful substances in poultry waste.

Tanka Prasai is a vet from Nepal and has been working on ways to help the poultry industry go green for the past six months, according to the Morning Bulletin.

He's found ways to manage the loss of ammonia and phosphorus via chicken litter as well as increase the animals' growth rate and meat yield.

Prasai's been looking at feed additives such as biochar, zeolite and benetenoite to trap ammonia and phosphorus as well as litter additives, smart composting and high quality granulation of poultry litter, says the Morning Bulletin.

Postgraduate supervisor Dr Surya Bhattarai said, "If biochar is added to the feed at four percent by the entire industry, 84 kilotons of biochar will be amended in the litter that will potentially be responsible for trapping about 252 ton of carbon dioxide equivalent if applied to the farming."



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