China agrees to import duty review on Australian wine

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announces China has agreed to a review of the 220 per cent import duties imposed on Australian bottled wine.

NSW Wine Industry Association President Mr Mark Bourne today welcomed the announcement by Prime Minister Albanese that China has agreed to a review of the 220 per cent import duties currently imposed on Australian bottled wine.

“This is an encouraging step forward that will hopefully lead to the removal of Chinese import duties on Australian wine,” said Bourne.

“The announcement of a potential pathway to resolve the multi-year trade dispute, and the reopening of the Chinese market, is positive news for many grape growers and winemakers across NSW.”

It has been reported the Chinese Government’s review may take five months to complete and NSW Wine will support the process in any way it can.

It is also understood Australia will suspend its case against China with the World Trade Organisation, pending the outcome of this review.

“Under the current circumstances, we are hopeful that the proposed approach is the best way for the Australian wine industry to achieve its desired result within the shortest time frame,” said Bourne.

Several industry delegations to China over recent months have supported the hard work by the Albanese Labor Government.

NSW Wine has worked closely with the national peak wine industry organisations, Australian Grape & Wine and Wine Australia, in identifying common objectives and opportunities for the Australian and Chinese wine industries to collaborate and foster a mutually beneficial solution that advances the interests of both countries.

Prior to the imposition of crippling import duties in 2020, the value of Australian wine exports to China were $1.2 billion annually.

Regardless of the outcome of the review, NSW Wine remains committed to supporting its wine businesses, accessing a diversity of domestic and international markets, and working towards a more sustainable future.

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