China blocks NZ meat

Sheepmeat from New Zealand is being rejected at the Chinese border, potentially leaving thousands of tonnes of meat waiting at port or on the water.

According to stuff.co.nz, the ban is because of a name change on an export certificate, caused by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry being renamed the Ministry for Primary Industries, as part of an industry merger.

However, it's been said that the real reason for the ban, which is affecting every New Zealand meat company exporting to China, is to protect the Chinese pork and poultry industries.

The block first was first enforced at the end of April, but government officials were only informed on Monday of last week.

China is continuing to allow dairy products and beef hide imports into the country, despite the meat block.

Staff at the New Zealand embassy in Beijing are working with authorities to lift the ban, which could have long term implications for New Zealand's meat industry, said Meat Industry Association chief executive, Tim Ritchie.
"If it’s not sorted out very quickly it will be very serious," he said.


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