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China ends suspensions on five Australian meat establishments

The Australian Government has confirmed that China’s suspension of five meat processing establishments has been lifted with immediate effect.

Eight beef processing facilities have now had suspensions lifted, while two facilities remain suspended.

Senator Tim Ayres said lifting the suspensions means these establishments can start filling in orders immediately.

“Well, it means that at these five beef abattoirs all around the country, they can start filling orders straight away.

“I know what it means for the beef cattle farming community and those towns. It’s going to have a very significant positive impact in meat processing around Australia and build confidence for future investments and future employment,” said Ayres.

The government continues to press China to remove the remaining trade impediments, including Australia’s rock lobster industry.

The progress so far affirms the calm and consistent approach taken by the Albanese Government.

Trade impediments imposed by China before the May 2022 election resulted in a $20.6 billion reduction in exports.

China’s progressive removal of impediments since then, including today’s announcement, means less than $1 billion worth of exports remain impeded.

The lifting of impediments has already had a real-world impact in the tuning of more than $11.5 billion for Australian barley, cotton, oaten hay, wine, coal, copper ores and timber logs.

The Australian Government’s approach is to cooperate with China where they can, and disagree where they must engage in Australian national interest.

Trade diversification is a key element of the Government’s trade policy strategy.

The Government aims to continue supporting Australian businesses to sell their world-class products on the global stage.

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