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China lifts tariffs on Australian wine

The Australian Federal government welcomes the lifting of China’s wine tariff, which comes at a critical time for the Australian wine industry.

The re-entry of Australian bottled wine into the Chinese market will benefit both Australian producers and Chinese consumers.

The Federal government state this outcome affirms the calm and consistent approach taken by the government and follows the success of the similar approach taken to remove duties on Australian barley.

The government said they acknowledge and thank Australian grape growers and wine producers for their fortitude and support during a challenging period.

According to the Federal Government, Australia’s wine exports to China were worth $1.1 billion in 2019.

The Western Australian government has also welcomed the decision and will support wine exporters to re-engage in Chinese market.

The WA state government state they have worked closely with the wine industry and Wines of Western Australia through the Wine Industry Export Growth Partnership to drive wine export competitiveness and increase the value of WA wine exports.

The partnership is supported by industry funding of $3 million, matched with State Government funding of $3m, over a 4-year period.

Western Australian premier Roger Cook said, “WA wines are world renowned, and I’m pleased that producers will now be able to re-engage with this important market.

In coming months, the partnership will assist WA wine exporters to re-establish key relationships and sale channels in China.

“We will continue to work with them to re-establish key relationships and promote their products in China,” said Cook.

The federal government state trade diversification is a key element of the Government’s trade policy strategy and they will continue to support Australian businesses to sell their world-class products on the global stage.

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