China to develop new dairy farms

China’s Guiyang Municipal Government to develop new dairy farms 24 Apr 2008 China’s Guiyang Municipal Government will spend RMB 85 million developing 10 dairy farms, including milking parlours, in 2008.

Each farm will accommodate 600 head of dairy cattle and can be used by farm investors free of charge. Farm investors only need to bear the cost of dairy cattle procurement.

Guiyang is the capital city of Guizhou Province in southwest China. With an average annual rainfall of 1,050 mm, Guiyang enjoys a temperate climate with monthly average temperature ranging from 3.1ºC in January to 23.3ºC in July.

Thanks to the training provided by various New Zealand experts over the past 25 years, the farmers in Guiyang have regarded pasture as a valuable crop.

Crop-pasture rotation is widely practised in Guiyang, whereby annual ryegrass (sometimes mixed with legume) is grown on large areas of arable land during the cool season in winter.

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