Chinese “ping pong eggs” could cause male sterility

Authorities in China are investigating a quantity of eggs which bounce when boiled and may make men sterile.

Local news agency Xinhua is reporting that the eggs may be fake, as they have begun emerging in small numbers in markets across the country.

Chinese media is referring to the eggs as “ping pong eggs” and “rubber eggs,” but it remains unclear if it they are real of fake, as the bounciness of the eggs could be the result of hens consuming increased amounts of gossypol, which binds to protein in egg yolks.

"The investigation is designed to appease consumers’ concerns, after some suspected they bought artificial eggs made by unconscientious traders seeking profits," Xinhua reports.

"While gossypol normally exists in the residue of cotton seeds added to chicken feed as an extra protein source, large doses of the compound will suppress sperm activity as gossypol has been tested to be used in male contraceptive pills.

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