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Say goodbye to soggy chips and hello to Domino’s new Crispy Chips

In a bid to solve one of the food delivery industry’s most crushing customer experiences, Domino’s has today unveiled its solution to soggy chips – Australia’s Crispy Chips with Pizza Salt designed to be delivered.

Domino’s new Crispy Chips are the next step in the Company’s evolution of Oven Baked Chips; with the Crispy Chip tried and tested to withstand travel, maintain temperature and the same level of crunch you’d expect on Pick Up – except delivered, straight to your door.

Domino’s ANZ Chief Marketing Officer Allan Collins said Domino’s had ‘cracked the code on crunch’. “We’ve all been there, waiting to receive a delivery of hot chips, only to open the box and be disappointed yet again by wet, soggy potato with no crunch, and even less flavour,” Mr Collins said.

“We have worked with a leading global food coating company to create a chip batter that is designed to be baked in one of Domino’s super-hot ovens and delivered with maximum crispiness.”

“The end result is a Crispy Chip that holds its heat and texture during the delivery process, so that when it arrives to the customer, they receive exactly what they ordered – Crispy Chips.”

Domino’s Head of New Product Development & Innovation Michael Treacy said the new Crispy Chips also come with a special seasoning to rival another Australian chip favourite, Chicken Salt.

“Domino’s Crispy Chips are dusted with our very own Pizza Salt, which infuses all the pizza flavours you love, including oregano, capsicum, tomato and basil, to create both incredible taste and crunch.”

Domino’s new Crispy Chips with Pizza Salt are available nationwide for just $6.50 delivered. Here to redefine ‘fry-day’ nights, elevate your afternoon snack game, and make your taste buds tango with delight – Domino’s new Crispy Chips with Pizza Salt are simply ‘the chip’.

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