Choc & Cream voted Allen’s next lolly

Over 20,000 Australians have voted in a national vote and chosen Choc & Cream as Allen’s next lolly.

A soft dollop of chocolate flavoured jelly on top of a creamy vanilla flavoured base, the Choc & Cream has its own flavour that’s different to the company’s Chicos.

Fans around the country won’t have to wait long as the Choc & Cream lolly will be available exclusively in Woolworths from late March.

The company pitted three remixed classics against each other for the vote – Funny Teeth, a twist on classic Teeth, Ginger Cats, a sweet and spicy ginger twist on classic Black Cats and the winning Choc & Cream, a new twist on old favourite Strawberries & Cream.

With 46 per cent of total votes, Choc & Cream had the slight edge over Funny Teeth, but a huge jump on the polarising Ginger Cats throughout the two-week voting period.

Last year, Australia voted to see Peaches & Cream go solo in its own pack. The new solo edition has proven so popular that the limited edition run has been extended indefinitely.

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