Chocolate Philadelphia

Product name: Chocolate Philadelphia

Product manufacturer: Kraft

Ingredients:  Philadelphia cream cheese (26%)/Cadbury Milk Chocolate (30%), milk, sugar, cream (from milk), water, cocoa mass, milk solids, cocoa butter, cocoa power, acidity regulator (270), vegetable gums (410, 412), salt emulsifiers (soy lecithin, 476), thickener (466), preservative (200), starter culture, natural vanilla flavour.

Packaging: Plastic and foil-sealed lid

Shelf life: Five months – best used with 10 days of opening

Product manager: Bianca Melky

Brand website:

What the company says
A new match made in snacking heaven has hit supermarket shelves, with the launch of Chocolate Philadelphia. Bringing together two of Australia’s most loved brands, Chocolate Philadelphia is the perfect combination of the rich and decadent Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with the light, luscious and pleasurable Philadelphia.

Chocolate Philadelphia is a new, fresh snacking sensation that pairs well with fruit, crackers and bread to make a delectable indulgence, for all snacking occasions. With only 78 calories per 25g serve, Chocolate Philadelphia is a delicious snack that is so good you’ll think it’s bad.


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