Chocolate that’s good for skin

New York company Frutels has come out with a chocolate nutraceutical which it claims will clear acne from skin.

According to the company chocolate is merely the delivery vehicle for their nutritional formula.

The product may come as a shock to most consumers, as many people believe eating chocolate causes acne.

Frutels maintains that diet is the key to solving the problem of acne. “Epidemiological studies of non-western cultures have shown that people eating traditional low-sugar diets have virtually no acne,” said Frutels founder Ellie Sawits, who has a degree in Public Health from Columbia University. “When these people start eating a Western diet, they develop acne. Substantial peer-reviewed research now clearly demonstrates the link between acne and nutrition.”

But why create an acne care chocolate?

“Everyone loves chocolate,” said Frutels’ director of marketing Chris Chitty, “and most people know the idea that chocolate causes acne is a myth. Our message turns that negative association on its head. In fact, we now know that natural dark chocolate has 300 times the antioxidant capacity of blueberries.

“Frutels chocolates for acne work because they’re sugar-free and contain a nutritional formula that supports your body against the internal causes of acne.”

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