CHOICE calls for supermarket industry ombudsman

CHOICE is calling for a new supermarket industry ombudsman to tackle competition and fairness across the grocery sector.

CHOICE claimed the supermarket ombudsman will deliver much needed leadership on reforming the sector; monitoring fair rules and fair play; undertaking early stage market inquiries; promoting consumer information and consolidating existing resolution functions.

“There is a need for real leadership on resolving supermarket issues in Australia — rip-off prices, endemic unfairness and the lowest level of competition possible. There is a need for government to seriously consider a bold and robust policy that will bring about real change, not the window shopping currently taking place,” Nick Stace, CHOICE CEO, said.

“These are industry-specific problems, which economy-wide regulators have been unable or unwilling to tackle head on. It will go on like this for another 100 years unless radical and bold action is taken.”

CHOICE has been campaigning on the issue of grocery competition since last year.

CHOICE said it is an issue that regularly tops its survey of member concerns.

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