Choice launches campaign against over-the-top packaging [video]

Consumer group Choice has launched Pack Attack, a campaign aimed at encouraging manufacturers to produce consumer-friendly packaging.

The campaign follows a survey published in Readers Digest in December last year, involving 500 people in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia which found that 64 percent of people who had injured themselves on packaging had suffered deep cuts, broken or chipped teeth, bruises or broken nails.

Angela McDougall, Choice's policy advisor, (appearing in the video below) said "Many items are now so wrapped up that some consumers simply cannot open them.  Trying to bust out an electrical item sealed in a hard plastic container or twist open a vacuum-sealed glass jar is not only prompting ‘wrap rage’ but also leaving some people injured."

Choice is asking consumers to send in photos and descriptions of their bad packaging experiences so it can then make a complaint on their behalf to the Australian Packaging Covenant, and report back on responses from manufacturers.

Clamshells (packaging for electronic goods, razors and toys in hard seals), glass jars and 'imprisoned toys' (packaging in cardboard, plastic boxes, wires, cable ties, plastic spikes and/or sticky tape) were listed by Choice as the serial offenders in wrap rage.



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