Cider consumption tipped to double

Australia’s recent love for cider does not appear to be a passing phase with consumption predicted to double within the coming years.

Ian Kingham, national merchandise manager for beverages at Woolworths told ABC News that he believes the nation’s love for cider will double in the next five years, serving as a welcome statement to struggling apple growers and orchardists who are looking to enter the boutique market.

"Because we're seeing so many consumers looking for new products and looking to try different ciders, we're starting to find that the propensity for different retailers and hoteliers to take some extra range is opening up," said Kingham.

"In terms of the hotel industry, it's still quite fragmented, so that probably requires a lot of door-knocking."

The past few years has seen massive growth in the boutique beverage category with brands such as Swedish Rekorderlig launching innovative marketing campaigns to capture the market and a steady increase of new local brands such as Franks, making a name for themselves in the marketplace

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