Citrus export industry free from citrus canker

In a boost for Australia’s $190 million citrus export industry, the European Union (EU) has recognised mainland Australia as free from citrus canker.

The decision means citrus exported from Australia to the EU no longer requires disinfectant treatment for the disease.

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Tony Burke, said any boost to agricultural exports would help strengthen regional economies.

“The citrus industry is an important part of many regional economies, including in the Riverland in South Australia, Murray Valley in NSW and Victoria, the Riverina in NSW and the Central Burnett region in Queensland,” Burke said.

“We saw the devastating impact of citrus canker on the Queensland industry in 2004 and the industry has worked hard with the Australian Government to eradicate the disease.

“Industry has also completed a national survey to help verify our citrus canker-free status.”

The EU Standing Committee reinstated its prior recognition of Queensland as free from the disease, and added the Northern Territory and Western Australia to the list of approved areas.

NSW, Victoria and South Australia were already recognised by the EU as disease-free areas.

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