Closing a closure deal

After 5 years of trialing, Cadbury Schweppes (CS) has gone national with Melbourne closure producer Unique Class Plastics Australia (UCPA).

In its pursuit of world’s best practice, CS wanted:

  • the lowest impact on the environment high tamper evidence;
  • an extremely low taint factor;
  • a universal closure for water and carbonated soft drinks; and
  • a state of the art closure by world standards.

After hundreds of millions of product in test markets in Australia, CS has moved on to a national release of UCPA capped products.

UCPA general manager, Vern Casey, said CS is a very consumer minded and cautious company.

“CS needed surety of supply and service,” he said. “The chosen supplier was expected to demonstrate innovation not only in 28mm closure but in the whole range of its plastic packaging.”

According to Casey no other closure in Australia is as tamper evident and leak proof as the UCPA Soft Seal 28mm.

“With years of testing under our belt and full production of hundreds of millions on major bottler’s production delivered into Australia’s harshest markets, this has been proven time and time again,” he said.

The UCPA Closure will run on p+p and bottle pickup cappers at >500bpm without problems at application torques of 15in/p.and less and release torques of less than 10in/p.

The UCPA 28mm Soft Seal is moulded from organoliptic HDPE from one of the world’s highest quality resin suppliers.

It is taint free and contains less than a ten thousandth of the impurities allowed in the closure standard.

With its low cost 28mm, 38mm, push pull and sports closures, UCPA is heading towards one billion per annum production capacity.

“As the closure is one piece and low weight, it has a cost advantage,” Casey explained. “UCPA is also a company with a sustainable, low cost structure, low overheads, the latest fully automated plant and high hygiene standards.

“It has proven record staff and service personnel and a certified quality assurance regime including CMM testing.”

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