CO YO named most innovative at Food mag awards: video

For the second year in a row, CO YO Corporate has taken out the Food magazine awards' Ingredient Innovation category. 

Last year, the praise went to its Coconut Milk yoghurt, but this year the focus was well and truly on the new Coconut Milk Ice Cream Alternative.

Manufactured from pure coconut milk instead of dairy milk, the Coconut Milk Ice Cream Alternative presents consumers with a dairy-free and vegan alternative to a dairy-based ice cream. 

Traditional ice cream must contain 10 percent milk from a mammary gland in order to use the product name "ice cream", so CO YO had to name its new product an "ice cream alternative." 

The company describes the Coconut Milk Ice Cream Alternative as "almost velvety in texture, with a unique smoothness on scooping." 

It's available in Natural, which is just pure coconut cream without any additional flavouring, as well as seven other flavours including Cacao; Acai and Blueberry; Mango and Lime; Pina Colada; Sticky Date and Tamarind; Cherry and Raw Choc Nibs; and Vanilla and Nutmeg. 

CO YO also uses tapioca and pectin instead of the usual egg and gum emulsifiers and where possible uses coconut nectar to sweeten the dark flavours, and organic raw cane sugar for the lighter coloured flavours.

In its award nomination form, CO YO said, "There are many consumers in our population who have been deprived of the pleasure of eating ice cream because of an intolerance to dairy products and now, finally CO YO provides that choice. The flavours are innovative and exciting; the texture is smooth and velvety. The use of pectin and tapioca as an emulsifier is safe for those with allergies and the use of unrefined sweeteners makes for a guilt-free treat, well almost!

"The challenge for CO YO's Ice Cream Alternative was to produce a smooth product with good scoop ability. This was difficult because coconut has a low freezing point and is inclined to be very hard unless large quantities of gums are used and we didn't want to do this, so finding the right balance of tapioca, pectin and the nectar was very important. The fruits we use help the texture, particularly the mango and lime and sticky date and tamarind which provide more natural sugar."

CO YO's Ice Cream Alternative is distributed throughout Australia and will soon be exported to New Zealand.

In other exciting news for the company, the product will also soon be on shelves in the US, in a deal similar to that in the UK, where since 2011, a company has manufactured CO YO products under licence in London and distributed them throughout the UK and Europe.



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