Cobram Estate wins RAS award

Cobram Estate has won the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW President’s Medal for its Reserve Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil.

The award is not only an acknowledgement of Cobram Estate’s high-quality products, but also its innovation as a business and successes in leading the Australian olive oil industry into a new era of sustainability, technology and manufacturing.

The in-depth judging process includes an on-site review of each finalists’ business model, community engagement strategy and production techniques used to enhance the sustainability of its product. In this way, the award recognises not only extraordinary products, but the extraordinary businesses and people behind them.

Cobram Estate, owned by Boundary Bend Ltd, has been at the forefront of the Australian olive oil industry since agricultural college friends Rob McGavin and Paul Riordan pioneered many key aspects of efficient olive oil production including mechanical harvesting in Australia, and as a result have made the Australian olive industry viable.

Acknowledged as the ‘best of the best’, six finalists are chosen having risen above more than 4,600 entries from 320 classes in the fine food and beverages category.

“What marks them [Cobram Estate] out as a unique company, deserving of the final accolade, is their ability to blend both innovation, which spreads beyond their own business into the industry more widely, with excellence in terms of their environmental practice – which is second to none,” said Ed Halmagyi, one of the three judges.


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