Cobs Popcorn releases new flavour

Cobs Popcorn has released a new flavour to pay homage to the bustling metropolis and legends of the famous American city, Chicago.

Featuring a blend of sweet, buttery caramel and extra tasty cheddar cheese popcorn, this eclectic mix of popcorn delivers on a big city taste.

The caramel popcorn is created with raw and brown sugar together with brown rice syrup and fresh butter. A splash of pure vanilla adds a sweet, creamy taste.

The cheddar cheese flavour is seasoned with a cheddar cheese recipe, providing a big cheese taste for the serious cheese lover.

This new flavour was introduced to satisfy people looking for a unique flavor combination, and reflects Australia’s changing palette.

Cobs Chicago Mix is gluten free and made with natural ingredients, and joins Cobs favourites like Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet, Sea Salt, and Aged White Cheddar.


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