Coca-Cola Ginger released in Australia

Coca-Cola South Pacific has today announced the world premiere of its new limited edition flavour, Coca-Cola Ginger, in Australia.

The new offering gives consumers a refreshing ginger twist on the classic Coke taste, aimed at attracting occasional and lapsed Coca-Cola drinkers. The launch spearheads phase one of the brand’s multimillion dollar Summer campaign.

The launch of Coca-Cola Ginger comes as a result of Coca-Cola recognising a significant commercial opportunity for ginger flavoured carbonated soft drinks with consumer research revealing that the market share in Australia is worth $80 million and is continuing to grow.

Further to this, there is also a high level of crossover between cola and ginger shoppers, with almost 70 per cent of ginger beer and ale shoppers also purchasing a cola product.

The company has to be careful with these types of marketing plans. Who can forget New Coke, which was launched in 1985? An unmitigated disaster that almost sunk the company, New Coke was a Lesson 101 on how you could almost destroy a company’s reputation overnight.

The packaging for Coca-Cola Ginger will be distinct, with premium gold used throughout the labels and bottle caps to highlight the exclusivity of the product as well as differentiate it from the core Coke TM range.

Limited edition packs will be available in Coles, Woolworths, independent retailers and petrol and convenience stores in a variety of pack sizes from late October through Summer 2016/17.

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